FAQ’s for the Multisport Wireless Scoreboard

FAQ’s for the Multisport Scoreboard

This post will cover all Frequently Asked Questions for your Multisport Scoreboard Unit. You can read more about the Multisport Scoreboard, and see pictures of it in action here.


Frequently Asked Questions for the Multisport Scoreboard


How do I connect my scoreboard system together?

Please refer to pages 5-8 in the Multisport Scoreboard User Manual for the setup instructions of each part of your unit.

Each sport is different, so our User Manual will show you exactly which pieces you need to get your Scoreboard working for your sport.


What type of power supply should I be using for my Scoreboard?

  • For the Main Controller, ONLY use 5 Volts / 4 Amp
  • For Receiver Display Module power, ONLY use 5.1 Volts / 2 Amp
  • For Charger Adapter, ONLY use 5 Volts / Amp
  • The Main Controller must have a full 8 hour charge from a low battery state.


How to troubleshoot the connections on your Multisport Scoreboard?

If your scoreboard is not properly displaying on your TV, try these troubleshooting methods below.

If you are still having trouble connecting your Multisport Scoreboard unit, please contact us for further help.


Troubleshooting Your Multisport Scoreboard

Incorrect HDMI input:

  • Make sure you have selected the correct HDMI input on your TV display,


Power supply troubleshooting:

  • Make sure that the power supply is connected properly
  • Check the power indicator to make sure the light is on
  • For the Main Controller, ONLY use 5 Volts / 4 Amp
  • For Receiver Display Module power, ONLY use 5.1 Volts / 2 Amp
  • For Charger Adapter, ONLY use 5 Volts / Amp
  • The Main Controller must have a full 8 hour charge from a low battery state.


Incorrect radio frequency configuration (Dip switch):

  • You can tell if the devices are connected by the red LED indicator light on the receivers
  • These indicators will blink rapidly when radio communication is active, and blink slowly when it is inactive.
  • If not connected, verify the dip switch setting: the formation should be identical between the "wireless connection setting" on the Main Controller and the receiver's actual dip switches.


The Main Controller and its main board "MultiSportAp xxxx" are not paired:

  • You can tell if the application is paired with the main board by checking the "connected" label at the bottom left of the sports application.
  • If the label is green, the application is paired. It will be grey if the application is not linked.
  • If it is not connected, press "setup," then "system settings". Push the "scan" button, tap the first item on the list labeled "MultiSportAp xxxx". That will pair it with the main board, so you can hit “exit”, and verify that the "connected" label is now green.



Is there a shot clock for basketball?

Yes, there is a shot clock display on the Basketball setting for your scoreboard.

This shot clock displays the amount of time left to shoot the ball, and is typically set at 35 seconds. When the shot clock expires, that side loses possession of the ball.

The picture below shows the display you’ll see when you select the Basketball program on your Multisport Scoreboard.

basketball shot clock digital display for wireless Multisport Scoreboard


How long does the battery last?

The scoreboard system can be used for about 7 hours after being fully charged.

You can also operate the scoreboard while it’s charging, just plug it into a power outlet or battery bank with a micro USB cord.


Can I put my team name in?

Yes, there are customizable team names within the scoreboard system. Check out page 12 of the Multisport Scoreboard User Manual for more information on how to format team names for each sport.


What is included with the full scoreboard set?

The full scoreboard package includes:

  • Main Controller
  • Sub-Controller
  • Display Receiver
  • 3 x HDMI Cable
  • 3 x Antenna for Display Receivers
  • Wireless Air Horn
  • Power Cable
  • 4 x 5V MicroUSB
  • Multisport Scoreboard User Manual


Do I need to connect to the internet to use the digital scoreboard?

No, you do not need to connect to the internet to use the MultiSport Scoreboard.


Will the wireless connection cause interference with my digital scoreboard?

No, the MultiSport Scoreboard is highly resistant to interference due to the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Technology. This FHSS technology also allows you to connect up to 16 Multi Sports Scoreboard main controllers in one location simultaneously.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 1 year limited warranty for your MultiSport Scoreboard. On the rare chance that your digital scoreboard becomes defective, contact us for further assistance.


How long will the digital scoreboard take to arrive?

We work hard to ship all of our digital MultiSport scoreboards in a timely fashion, so orders typically arrive in under 2 weeks. The standard shipping timeline is about 14 business days from when you ordered.


Do you offer customized wireless scoreboards?

Yes, we do offer customizations for some products. Please contact us for any inquiries or a quote on a wireless custom scoreboard unit, as modification prices vary based on complexity.

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