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10 Festive Stocking Stuffers for the Baseball Fan in Your Life

Baseball themed stocking stuffers are a great way to give the baseball fan in your life a unique, personalized, and meaningful gift this holiday season.


We’ve listed our top 10 stocking stuffers for the baseball fan in your life. Check out these fun, affordable, and meaningful gift ideas below to get inspired!



1. Baseball Cap

custom snapback baseball caps for a mens team

Nothing says love of baseball like a classic baseball cap. Whether they’re a fan of the Yankees, Blue Jays, or prefer a a custom designed hat, this gift is a guaranteed win.


2. Baseball Themed Snacks

Snacks are always a welcome stocking stuffer. Give them some of their favourite treats, or get creative with some baseball themed snacks like Cracker Jacks, peanuts, or homemade baseball shaped Rice Krispie treats!


3. Batting Gloves

custom batting gloves for baseball, softball and slo-pitch

If the baseball lover in your life also plays their own games, you can get them a fresh pair of batting gloves. Some suppliers, like us at TeamGear Canada, only offer batting gloves at limited quantities and times of the year, so be sure to stock up when you can!


4. MLB® The Show™ Video Game

A must-have for any baseball fan, MLB® The Show™ will let them experience the game first hand. If you’re buying the game later in the year, it may even be on sale! MLB® The Show™ typically releases in April, just in time for baseball season.

If they're a huge fan of MLB® The Show™, you can also sign them up for a Showzone account so they can stay up to date on the latest in-game news.


5. Autograph from their Favourite Player

If you have the budget to splurge, an autographed baseball or card from their favourite player is sure to make their holiday season. You can find autographed memorabilia online or at baseball specialty stores, and a signed ball or baseball card fits perfectly in a stocking.


6. Sports Store Gift Card

A gift card to their favourite sports store or online retailer is a great, universally applicable gift. They’ll be able to pick out exactly what they like, so it guarantees they’ll like it.

How about a gift card for custom jerseys? Contact us to request a holiday gift card for the baseball fan in your life.


7. Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are an inexpensive gift to give a hardcore fan. Cards from a favourite player, or a complete set of cards from a specific year, are sure to bring a smile to their face.


8. Subscription to a Baseball Magazine

This is the gift that keeps on giving, literally. A subscription to a baseball magazine is a great way to keep your favourite baseball fan up-to-date on the latest news and stories in the sport, and they’ll look forward to a new issue every month.


9. Baseball Socks

custom baseball socks for softball or slo-pitch players

Every ballplayer needs several good pairs of baseball socks. Choose a pair of fun, functional, and comfortable socks that can be used either in games or on their downtime. You can even design your own pair of socks to gift the baseball fan in your life. They’ll appreciate those new socks when softball season comes around again!


10. MLB® Jersey

custom MLB® The Show™ jersey from Showzone in partnership with TeamGear Canada

No true fan is complete without a jersey or t-shirt from their favourite team. MLB shops are usually pretty stocked up online, but if you’re looking for a more customized gift, you can also design a custom jersey for your baseball loving family members.




These festive stocking stuffers are an excellent way to show appreciation to the baseball fans in your life. Whether it’s baseball cards, a subscription to a baseball magazine, or a jersey, there is a baseball gift on this list for everyone this holiday season. We hope that you were able to find some inspiration for your next gift, and that your loved one will adore their new gifts this holiday season!

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