We offer countless fabric options for custom jersey designs, custom clothing, everything from sporting goods to casual wear.
  • premium sport fabric for full sublimation printed custom jerseys


    A popular upgrade for jerseys.

    This light material is perfect for custom sports gear and custom daily wear. Premium fabric repels heat, and sweat, providing a comfortable feel to your body for any sports activity in the peak of summer.

  • dry fit fabric for custom jerseys made in Canada with full sublimation


    Our default jersey fabric.

    This material is typically used for jerseys, long sleeve shirts and lightweight hoodies. Perfect for any sports fan, with the performance you'd expect from Dry Fit fabric that helps you stay cool and comfortable all day.

  • dazzle fabric for waterproof custom sublimated hoodies and jackets


    Recommended for hoodies and jackets.

    Dazzle is an extremely durable, lightweight fabric that provides airflow to the body, repels moisture, and does not stain easily. Used in sports uniforms and custom jackets for comfortable daily wear.


    A high performance fabric used to make custom jerseys for many different sports. This fabric has excellent durability, breathability and is medium thickness. Great for playing sports with long seasons in all weather.


    A premium fabric which provides airflow and breathability. Wrinkle resistant, static free and durable. This material has excellent use in custom hockey jerseys, and outdoor sports like paintball.


    This thick, wrinkle-resistant fabric is a combination of two knits, connected with interlocking loops. Suitable for a number of applications, including custom hoodies, custom jackets, custom sweaters, and custom baseball pants.


    This material has honeycomb hole patterns that allows airflow to enter and circulate easily, providing a satisfying cooling effect. Heavy Mesh is used as an add-on side mesh to any garment.

  • NEMO

    This is a self-sustaining, stretchy material, excellent for activities requiring flexibility and movement such as custom hunting gear, custom yoga gear and custom running gear.


    This fabric is used to produce gear for water activities like swimming. Neoprene is also used to make Pitching Mats and gear that provides protection like custom barrel covers for paintball, custom knee pads, shin pads and more.