We offer countless fabric options for custom jersey designs, custom clothing, everything from sporting goods to casual wear.
  • premium sport fabric for full sublimation printed custom jerseys


    A popular upgrade for jerseys.

    This light material has a smooth finish, perfect for custom sports gear and daily wear. Premium fabric repels heat and sweat, providing a comfortable feel to your body for any sports activity in the peak of summer.

  • dry fit fabric for custom jerseys made in Canada with full sublimation


    Our default jersey fabric.

    This material is used for jerseys, long sleeve shirts and lightweight hoodies. Perfect for any sports fan, with the performance you'd expect from Dry Fit fabric that helps you stay cool and comfortable all day.

  • double knit fabric for custom hoodie, sweaters and softball pants


    Our default hoodie fabric.
    This Double Knit material is our standard for custom hoodies and sweaters. It’s durable yet lightweight, and will keep you warm and comfortable both on and off the field.

  • double layered fabric for full sublimation printed custom sweaters and hoodies


    Upgrade option for hoodies.

    This Dual Layer fabric is used for custom sweaters and hoodies. The outer layer is a similar finish to the Double-Knit, while the inner layer is soft fleece.

  • tri-knit fabric upgrade for warmup jackets in bowling & dance

    TRI-KNIT (RM3)

    Upgrade option for hoodies.

    Tri-Knit has a soft finish and a fleece interior. It has more stretch than other hoodie fabrics, making it a popular choice for warmup jackets in the bowling, dance & gymnastics communities.

  • water-resistant fabric for custom hoodies, sweaters and jackets


    Upgrade for jackets, coats and hoodies.
    Our water-resistant Jacket fabric has a smooth finish, with a soft black fleece interior to keep you warm and dry. This is a stiffer water-resistant fabric, so we recommend choosing 1 size up.

  • custom fleece for pyjama bottoms, track pants and pillow cases


    Fleece is the ultimate comfy and cozy fabric for pyjama bottoms, track pants and pillow cases. The soft and insulated texture of fleece will keep you warm all day.

  • lightweight fabric for full sublimation printed custom batting jackets and coach coats


    This super lightweight fabric is used for custom batting jackets and lightweight running jackets.

  • neoprene fabric for custom pitching mats made in Canada


    Neoprene is used to produce custom pitching mats and yoga mats. The top layer is a fully customizable fabric, with a thick neoprene layer on the back.

  • spandex fabric for custom cheer uniforms made in Canada


    Our stretchiest fabric.

    This poly spandex is used for cheerleading, compression wear and undergarments. It is excellent for activities requiring flexibility and movement such as custom hunting gear, custom yoga gear and custom running gear.

  • thick material for custom hockey jerseys made in Canada


    Our default hockey jersey fabric.

    Super Knit is our thickest fabric. It’s used for hockey jerseys, and because it’s so robust it allows for embroidery. Embroidered items incur additional costs, including setup charges for custom logos.

  • mesh for breathable jerseys made in Canada


    A popular add-on for hockey jerseys.
    The honeycomb hole patterns in this mesh allow airflow to enter and circulate easily, providing a satisfying cooling effect. Mesh is available as an add-on to the side panels of your custom hockey jersey.

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