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What printing method is used?

All products at TeamGear are 100% sublimated. In sublimation printing, all components of the configured design (colors, numbers, motifs, etc.) are transferred to the material using a special heat method. For this reason, no cotton products can be sublimated, as they would start to burn. We therefore generally use substances based on polyester. The material is easy-care, breathable and meets all the requirements of the various sports.

Is there any trick regarding the free design?

No tricks! Just message us your idea and we'll get your design started.

Do you need to bring a design to make my custom jersey?

Absolutely not! We have a team of custom jersey designers & custom logo designers, who are incredibly skilled at delivering your design from any example - whether it's screenshots of images, hand-drawn or just a concept.

I have a design in mind for my custom jersey, how long will it take to turn it into artwork?

Initial designs will typically be presented to you within 1 business day. Once we have your approval on each design, we will begin creating your custom sportswear.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We can accommodate orders as little as 1 piece at a time. This goes for all our products and accessories. Our custom jerseys, custom baseball pants, custom hockey jerseys, custom compression sleeves all can be ordered one at a time.

How does sizing work?

Our sizes can be found at teamgear.ca/pages/size-charts or you can click here

Do you charge for designs?

There is no charge for designs, however, some designs that are abusing our unlimited revision policy will be subject to a deposit.

Do you charge for revisions?

We do not, but we will ask you for a deposit on your order if we're into our fourth or fifth revision set.

How do I order my custom jerseys?

Contact us via chat at the bottom of the page, or email us at contact@teamgear.ca and we will get started on your custom design today!

How do I subscribe to the TeamGear Newsletter?

To stay up-to-date on our newest products and promotions, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Just enter your email and click the button to "Join the Team"

Can we cancel or return our order?

Since everything we produce is strictly custom printed, we cannot take back any returns.

Can I request product samples?

Yes! Contact us and we'll send you the items immediately. You will have 14 days to examine the product and try out the sizes. You can also pick up from our location in Hamilton.

Please note, that we only pay the costs of the outbound shipment. The return shipment is at your expense. We cannot offer return shipments free of charge.

What is the advantage of sublimation?

The sublimation process is superior to traditional printing or flock for several reasons.

- Full design freedom without restrictions

- 100% breathable, since the product is not subsequently glued on

- 100% colour fast, even after the 100th washing cycle

- Durability, since the print does not become brittle or break

How long do custom jerseys take?

It typically takes us just 4 weeks to create your custom jerseys domestically, at our factory in Mississauga, ON.

Can you colour match?

Absolutely. If you have colour codes, just let our team know ahead of time and we'll use those for your designs.

Note that the colours may appear differently on your screen than on fabric, as cellphone screens and monitors are all calibrated differently.