Colour Matching Custom Jerseys: What you see on screen vs. on fabric

Colour Matching Custom Jerseys: What you see on screen vs. on fabric

Colour matching can be a challenge when it comes to fabrics, especially with colours that are more complex or muted than what is seen onscreen.


Onscreen colours can appear more vivid and intense due to their higher contrast, which can make fabrics look less saturated or overly muted to the eye in comparison. Depending on the fabrics used, the actual colours can also differ due to the fibres, textures and dyes used, as well as environmental factors like natural light and moisture or humidity.


To ensure a good colour match, we recommend documenting the exact colours used in your logo so that those same colours can be used for your team’s custom jerseys, hoodies and other accessories.


What you see on screen vs. in real life on fabric

When it comes to what you see on screen vs. in real life on fabric, there may be differences due to the brightness of your display. Whether you’re viewing your custom artwork on a cellphone or a computer monitor, they all have different settings. These factors can lead to variation in the colours you see between the digital version of your design and the printed version.


If you prefer to see how your chosen colours look when printed on fabric, we recommend visiting our factory in Mississauga, ON to view the colours in person! By viewing the colours in person, you can compare different colour swatches to ensure the accuracy of the desired colour to be printed on your jerseys.


Taking the Guesswork Out of Colour Matching for Your Custom Jerseys

One of the major challenges of colour matching is accurately replicating colours on different mediums, or even on different fabric types. Colours can vary greatly even when they are of the exact same colour code, and this difference can be seen onscreen, as well as in real life when printed on the fabric.



We help take the guesswork out of colour matching your jersey and logo. Our team can use the exact colour codes from your logo, or create a design for you, so that the finished product is a perfect match.


Can you match my logo colours?

Absolutely. If you have a logo or past jersey design with custom colour codes, you can let our team know the colour codes before starting with our custom jersey designers.


Tips to Ensure an Accurate Colour Match

Accurately matching colours can be a time-consuming and complex process, but we’re here to help. We’ve also included some tips below to help simplify the process and ensure your team’s logo, brand, and graphics always look as good as possible.


If you’re unsure of a colour scheme for your jerseys, logo or custom accessories, just ask!


Our design team is always happy to help create a unique look for your team, and we’ll provide high quality, full sized artwork for you to preview your team jerseys before ordering.


Here are our tips to help you pick matching colours for your custom jerseys: 

  • Consider the type of fabric you’d like for your custom jerseys, as this will affect the appearance of the colours printed. Our standard dry fit fabric has a matte finish, and our premium sport fabrics have more of a glossy and vibrant finish.
  • Visit our factory in Mississauga to view colour swatches in-person, on different fabrics, so you can see exactly how the colours on your jersey will come out.
  • Pick your colour scheme, including a main colour and an accent colour, and make sure they work well together with your logo and other design elements. Our design team can create a custom mockup for you using those colours along with your logo.
  • Check your custom artwork to ensure you like the colour scheme and design, as this will be the final printed version for your custom jerseys. Although colours may appear differently on your screen than in person, your overall designs will match what is on the final artwork.


Our Most Popular Colours

Feel free to preview our colour chart below to get ideas for your custom jerseys. Keep in mind that these colours may appear differently on screen and on fabric!

For example, the "Bright Red" in the top left corner is a standard online Red colour, but it usually prints out with a slight orange tone.

full sublimation colour chart for custom sportswear

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