Benefits to Getting Your Custom Jerseys Made In Canada. shorter wait times, cheap shipping

Benefits to Getting Your Custom Jerseys Made In Canada

All TeamGear Canada products are proudly made in Canada. 


Is your team looking for a fresh new look this season? Want to design your own one-of-a-kind custom sports jerseys? Contact TeamGear Canada to get started on your custom full sublimation jersey designs!

TeamGear Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company that specializes in custom made sportswear. We have our own incredibly talented, dedicated design team that can create any style of jersey you wish! Whether you have a design in mind, or would like us to create one from scratch, our design team is sure to impress. 

There are numerous benefits to getting your custom jerseys made in Canada! Read below to see some of the advantages of choosing to buy local with TeamGear Canada.


  • Shorter Wait Times: By shopping local and trusting TeamGear Canada with your jerseys, we guarantee shorter wait times than an overseas supplier - and better quality too! For bulk orders, the typical wait time is just 4 weeks from final product approval. 


  • Localized Shipping Prices: TeamGear Canada operates out of Hamilton, Ontario and ships from our local factory in Mississauga. One of the main benefits of buying local from TeamGear Canada is our ability to pass the shipping savings onto you! We have great relationships with our shipping partners, including Canada Post, which means you save on shipping costs for bulk orders.


  • Local Pick-up Available: Another great advantage with ordering locally is that pick-up is available for free! Our local factory is conveniently located in Mississauga, Ontario where you can drop in and pick up your custom full sublimation jerseys at no extra cost. TeamGear Canada will notify you when your order is confirmed and ready for pick-up, and supply the factory address and phone number so that you can coordinate a date and time for pick-up that works for you.


  • No Minimum Order Quantity: Do you have a new player on your roster in need of a jersey? If you need to add on 1 custom hockey jersey, or any other product, we can fulfill your order with NO minimum quantity on all TeamGear items. Similarly, if you want a completely unique shirt that is designed just for you, we will work with our design team to create a style you love, and there will be no additional charges for ordering a single item. 


  • Higher Quality Control Standards: TeamGear Canada operates fully in Canada, meaning we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and design. Each and every TeamGear Canada order is given a double-pass through our Quality Control team before it is certified and ready for delivery to you! This means that every jersey design, every name, every number and every size is thoroughly checked by our team after production so that your order is 100% accurate to the roster and specifications submitted by you.


  • Supporting the Local Economy: By supporting TeamGear Canada, you are directly contributing to your local economy. Our head office is in Hamilton, Ontario and all of our full sublimation jerseys and full product lineup are produced in Mississauga, Ontario. We believe in providing the highest quality custom sportswear to all of our customers, and are proudly Canadian owned and operated.


Whether you are looking for full sublimation custom slo pitch jerseys, custom hockey socks, custom sweaters, custom bowling shirts, dodgeball or volleyball gear - TeamGear Canada has what you need! Chat with us today or visit us at to get started on your free design. 


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