150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Co-ed!)

150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!)

It’s all in the name.

There are tons of options out there for Slo-Pitch Team Names. In this blog, we've listed our TOP 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names so you'll have no trouble finding something that suits your team. This post includes photos from our most popular designs for custom made sublimation jerseys. Whether you're on a Mens, Coed or Ladies team this year, these creative team names are sure to inspire you.

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150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names

1. Caught Looking

  • Let’s face it, nobody wants to be struck out while looking at a pitch, but you’ve got to admit this team name makes you chuckle.


2. Team Extreme


3. BFH - Bat Flip Heroes

150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Co-ed!) BFH - Bat Flip Heroes
  • The best part about having a team name acronym is that you can change it up and keep the same initials. For example, this team goes by BFH, normally the “Bat Flip Heroes”, but sometimes they jokingly refer to themselves as the Big Fat Hippos. Can you come up with a cool team acronym that stands for 2 different names?


4. Expendaballs


5. Inglorious Batters

150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Co-ed!) Inglorious Batters


  • Another movie tie-in team name.


6. Benchwarmers

  • Whether your team likes taking breaks on the bench during the game, or you love the movie, this name is a great choice.


7. Mercs

150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Co-ed!) Mercs


  • Let the other teams know you came to win. You’ll show no mercy and get that W.


8. The Glovely Ducklings


9. No One Sits

  • Put a last minute team of 9 and some random substitute players together for league or fall ball this year? We’ve all been there. Keep things fun with a catchy and hilariously accurate team name - No One Sits!


10. Who’s Sittin’?

  • This one is the exact opposite of #6: No one sits. Sometimes your team players just need a little break during games, so Who’s Sittin’?


11. Where My Pitches At?

  • This one is just cheeky enough.


12. Beauty and the Cleats

    • How can you not be romantic about baseball? This team name really says it all, and is definitely unique! Based on a tale as old as time.


    13. Divas, Achievas, and Believas

    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Divas, Achievas, and Believas
    • The perfect name for a Ladies Fall Ball team, and bonus, you can go by the acronym DAB for short on schedules & your lineup card.


    14. McGlovin

    • This team doesn’t even have a first name, it just says McGlovin. With this team name, your team will look Superbad on the diamond, in a good way of course.


    15. Pitches get Stitches


    16. Hit or Miss


    17. Could be Worse


    18. Base Invaders

    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Base Invaders
    • Inspired by the beloved Space Invaders game, this name would look great on a custom space themed jersey.


    19. 5's on 2

    • Is your team the type to get ALL of the runs in a game? Flex your skills with a name like 5’s on 2, or 6’s on 3 depending on the run limit in your league.


    20. Red Jays

    • Want to copy the Blue Jays without breaking any copyright laws? Simple, just call yourselves the Red Jays!


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    21. Brew Jays

    Brew Jays team jersey idea for 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names

    • Here’s another example of a way your team can sound like the Blue Jays without infringing any copyrights. The Brew Jays is always a well-loved, popular name with teams all across Canada. The Booze Jays is also a valid option.


    22. Not So Athletics


    23. Ballbarians


    24. Not Sure


    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Not Sure
    • A hilarious choice for a team that just cannot decide on a name. What’s your team name? Oh, we’re Not Sure.


    25. Wasted Potential


    26. Hit Squad

    • Clearly, your team came here to hit.


    27. We Showed Up Again

    • This would be a fun name for a tournament team that just keeps coming back year after year. People would certainly remember the name.


    28. Spare Parts

    blue spare parts team jerseys for Slo-Pitch Team Name ideas


    29. Slow Pokes


    30. Schitt’s Creek

    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Schitt's Creek
    • Canadian comedy for the win! Schitt’s Creek had a hilarious episode where the 2 local softball teams faced off - Cafe Tropical and Bob’s Garage. If you want your team to be Schitt’s Creek themed, you could use these 2 team names to create custom jersey designs for Home & Away.


    31. The Untouchaballs


    32. Lords of the Swing


    33. Walk Off Warriors

    • Confident in your abilities to walk off another team? Show off that confidence, and you’ll get that W in no time.


    34. Batstreet Boys

    • Batstreet’s back, all right!


    35. Money Ballers


    36. Wool Sox

    • We’ve all heard of the Red Sox and the White Sox. If you’re planning to play fall ball though, maybe the Wool Sox would be a more fitting name.


    37. Mood Swings


    38. Marvel Us

    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Marvel Us
    • Marvelous team name, and a perfect reason to get Marvel themed jerseys. Check out our Avengers Iron-Man inspired jersey above.


    39. Off Constantly


    40. Scared Hitless


    41. Krushers

    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Krushers
    • Hulk SMASH!


    42. Stealers


    43. Diamond Dusters

    • Is your team the type to sweep the field, leaving your competition in the dust? If so, this could be the right name for you.


    44. Glove Actually


    45. Average Joe's

    • If you’ve seen Dodgeball, you know that their team was anything but average. In fact, this team name may give you the luck you need to win the championships this year. Worth a shot, right?


    46. The Goonies

    • New people on your team this year? Why not name yourselves after the group that everyone knows & loves - The Goonies! If you go by the Goonies, you’re guaranteed to have the adventure of a lifetime.


    47. Hardballers


    48. Far Out Fielders


    150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Far Out Fielders
    • This team name would fall right into place on a tie-dye jersey. Far out, dude!


    49. No Bunts Intended

    • We didn’t mean to bunt, it just happened!


    50. Bunt Cakes

    • This time, we absolutely did mean to bunt.


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    51. Ice Cold Pitchers

    Ice cold pitchers jersey idea for 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names

    • You don’t want your pitchers ice cold during the game, but after? Everyone wants a cold one!


    52. There’s No Base Like Home


    53. All Talk No Balk


    54. Swig 'n' a Miss


    55. Bat News Bears


    56. Donks 

    • Your team is looking to hit, preferably a home run or 2. Let the other team know with this catchy and humorous name.


    57. Umpire Strikes Back

    • A classic movie that lends itself well to this awesome team name. Join the rebellion!


    58. Unswung Heroes


    59. Rec' N' Balls

    • Does your rec team always come in swinging? Most teams opt for the name “Wrecking Balls”, but this name stands out way more. Bring in the Rec’ N’ Crew!


    60. E-Lemon-Ators

      • Want to warn the other team ahead of time that they’re facing elimination with your team? This name gets the point across, but in a polite and funny way.


      61. Pillies

      • The Phillies are a classic, well-performing team, especially when they had the legendary Roy Halladay pitching for them. The Pillies, however, is a great team name for 35+ and Masters teams, because you’re going to need some major painkiller pills after any tournament. Now where’s the tylenol?


      62. Runners Stranded

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Runners Stranded

      • Why not create your own custom Survivor style logo for your jerseys? With a fully customizable design, you can even have an island paradise as the background design for your sublimated jersey.


      63. Bulls Hitters

      • We’ll leave the pronunciation of this one up to you.


      64. Vicious and Delicious

      Vicious and Delicious team jerseys from 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names


      65. Bitter Batters


      66. Drop the Base

      • You know that moment when the bass drops, and the air is full of electricity? This could be how your team feels all the time with a name like this. Or some variation like “Let the Base Drop”.


      67. One Hit Wonders


      68. The Good, The Bat & The Ugly

      • Remember the classic Western? You really can’t go wrong with this name.


      69. Bat Attitude

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Bat Attitude
      • I’m Batman. Or at least you can be, with this rad name. And there are so many different styles of Batman logo out there to choose from, so the customization options for your logo & jerseys is truly endless.


      70. Gotham City Knights

      • There’s no rule saying that you can’t base your team in a fictional city. Give your team the name it deserves, inspired by Batman - the hero that Gotham deserves.


      71. Moe's Tavern

      • Speaking of fictional cities, who doesn’t love Moe’s Tavern in Springfield? They can’t sponsor your team though, so if you’re looking for a sponsor to cover your custom jerseys, you might want to try your local pub.


      72. Bunt Force Trauma

      • Please, nobody get hurt! As long as everyone plays safe, this name is sure to get a laugh.


      73. Got the Runs

      • This team name is definitely unique. And leaves plenty of opportunity for hilarious custom jerseys.


      74. 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One

      • And you probably want this as your walkup song for ALL players.


      75. Prestige Worldwide

      • Hands down, the BEST name for a business. And, of course, a softball team name. Bonus points if you have your Step Brothers on the team.


      76. Vandelay Industries

      • Ah yes, the totally not made-up Vandelay Industries. You can even have the last name Costanza custom printed on the back of your jerseys above your numbers to honour their top latex salesman.


      77. Monty’s Pythons

      • Bring home the Holy Grail for your team this year.


      78. Sofa King Awesome


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      79. Aces of Bases

      • The other team will see The Sign that you are not a team to mess around with. Now go out and score those runs.


      80. Hurts Donut

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Hurts Donut


      81. New Life

      • If your team is well versed in the art of foul tipping pitches to extend the count, this name is the most fitting.


      82. Gong Show

      • Once a popular game show hosted by the Dangerous Mind of Chuck Barris, now an awesome slo-pitch team name. Just because you call yourselves the Gong Show, does not mean you can’t blow teams out of the water with your skills.


      83. Louisville Chuggers

      • Sure, you use a Louisville Slugger during the game. But after? Just call us the Louisville Chuggers.


      84. Stomp

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Stomp
      • Stomp your competition into the ground.


      85. Brady Bunch


      86. Happy Days


      87. X-Men

      • This name is even better if you aren’t the type of team to have a lot of out X’s on your scoresheet.


      88. Venom / Carnage

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Venom, Carnage, Let there be carnage

      • You can go by either Venom or Carnage, or combine the 2 names together and create custom jerseys for your team. Venom for home games, and Carnage for away games.


      89. Here for the Party

      • And of course, this can be your theme song.


      90. Bat-HER Up

      • Perfect name for your Ladies Fall Ball Team. Or even a coed team with a bunch of lady all-stars!


      91. Quit Your Pitchin’

      • It’s slo-pitch, we’re all here to have fun, so quit your pitchin’ and let’s play.


      92. Backyard All-Stars

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Backyard All-Stars

      • Time to channel your inner Pablo Sanchez from Backyard Baseball. Complete your team’s look with custom sublimation jerseys that will make you looks like you’re always ready to belt one out of the park!


      93. Who’s On First?

      • If your team has a designated scorekeeper, you should get them a custom shirt made with Abbott & Costello on it. After all, they should always know Who’s on First and What’s on Second.


      94. FUNdamentals

      • A great name for a fun coed rec team, especially for new players.


      95. Babes Ruthless

      • Great option for a ladies team that loves to hit!


      96. Cheers


      97. Sandlot

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Sandlot


      98. Orange Crush

      • Official team song: Orange Crush by R.E.M. Offical team drink: Orange Crush, obviously.


      99. Catchers In The Rye

      • Make sure you keep Holden that ball so you can get the out.


      100. Help Wanted

      • Seriously, we’re always on the lookout for subs. Anyone want to play?


      101. Line Drivers


      102. The Mad Batters

      Mad Batters custom jersey design for 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names

      • Maybe you’ll even want to host a mad tea party for your team after the game.

      103. Mall Rats

      • Bonus points if a couple players on your team have the nicknames Jay & Silent Bob on the back of their uniforms.


      104. Miracle Workers

      • The outcome of a game isn’t set in stone until the final inning. You never know what could happen, and if your team is always able to make up the run differential to win the game, this is the name for you.


      105. Practice Makes Perfect

      • There’s no shame in being new to the sport. After all, practice makes perfect and you’ll only get better the more you play.


      106. Victorious Secret

      • What’s the secret to your constant win streaks? You’ll never tell.


      107. Brokebat Mountain

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Brokebat Mountain, Brokeback Mountain

      • You can customize your jersey design to have any style of mountain range and broken bat in your team logo.


      108. Wii Not Fit


      109. No Mercy

      No mercy team jerseys idea for 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names

      • Whether there’s a mercy rule in your league or not, this team name is sure to intimidate.


      110. The Aluminum Alliance


      111. Blue Sox


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      112. Whack-a-Balls!

      • Just like Whack-a-Mole, but now it’s a team sport.


      113. Super Smash Bros.

      • Perfect for a coed team or men’s team. Basically, your whole goal is to just smash that ball. Hence the name.


      114. Blood Bath & Beyond


      115. Base Desires


      116. Between A Balk And A Hard Place


      117. The Catching Fires

      • Name your coed or ladies team after the heroine of The Hunger Games, and catch some fire this softball season.


      118. The Glory Days

      • Glory days, well they'll pass you by. Remember those days fondly by naming your whole team after them. The Boss approves.


      119. Breaking Bat

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Breaking Bat

      • You are the one who knocks. You are the danger.


      120. Belles of the Ball

      • Show up with your ladies team as the Belles of the Ball, and guaranteed you’ll have the time of your life while playing.


      121. Mission Impossiball


      122. Balk You like a Hurricane

      • Your team mascot for your logo could be a Scorpion, not the band Scorpions, but the animal.


      123. The Grand Salamis

      • Grand Slam anyone? Sounds like a good idea.


      124. Bat’s Life


      125. Nerves of Steel


      126. The Breakfast Club

      • If you’re in an early morning league, or playing a tourney that starts at 8am, the name doesn’t get more fitting than this.


      127. Nirvana

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Nirvana
      • Nirvana: a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place. The plus side of picking this name is that you can just go out and buy matching Nirvana t-shirts for your whole team. Vinyl printing can easily be added onto the back for names & numbers, and can cost less if you supply your own shirt.


      128. That Really Good Team

      • Confident in your skills? When other teams have to refer to you as “That Really Good Team”, they’ll surely get in their heads and then you’ve got an easy win!


      129. We Bruise Easily

      • Just make sure you’re all wearing your protective equipment in case of injury.


      130. Adrenaline Rush


      131. El Fuego

      • Let other teams know they’ve really thrown themselves into the fire by facing you.


      132. Pitch Perfect


      133. Select Few

      selects team jerseys for 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names

      • "Select Few" is perfect for a tournament team name where you had to pick and choose certain players from your roster to keep it within the limit. If you're using this team name all season, you can also go with the Selects like the jerseys above. It's a classic name.


      134. Second Place Is Not An Option

      • Now this is the right name for a Championship team.


      135. Beast Mode

      beast mode custom team jersey with green and white design

      • If you have to turn on “Beast Mode” to pull off that win, so be it. You’re ready for this.


      136. Looking For A Challenge

      • Does your team have a leg up on the competition? Prove it, and let them know you’re up for a challenge.


      137. Zeroes to Heroes

      • Finally on a team that you can see yourself playing with for years to come? You’ll only get better the more you play together, so this name seems fitting. Be the heroes of the ballpark.


      138. Brute Force

      • Sometimes just taking everything out on that ball during your swing gets the job done. You can pull off that hard earned win with a name like Brute Force.


      139. Don’t Stop Ballieving

      • Even if you’re down by a run in the last inning, don’t stop believing! Lock in, and get a W with this winning name.


      140. Laces & Bases


      141. I Think; Therefore I Slam


      142. Sick Bat Flips

      Bat flip team jerseys in blue

      • Include a classic bat flip hero in your team's logo like the team above, inspired by Joey Bats.


      143. The Wolfpack

      wolfpack themed team hoodies for 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Name ideas


      144. What’s Our Team Name?

      • This could be a funny last minute team name. You can all get matching custom jerseys, or just take a sharpie to a white T-shirt like many a team has done in the past. No shame!


      145. Power Outage

      • As in, your team hits so hard it could cause an outage? Or you’re out of power? Guess it depends on the day, right?


      146. We Don’t Keep Score

      • Don’t take this literally, it’s bad form to not keep score for your team no matter how many runs you’re up by. But this name definitely shows that you’re used to winning…by a lot.


      147. Killer Instinct

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Killer Instinct



      148. Honeymoon’s Over

      • Your team got to know each other over the past year, and that was great, but now it’s time to do nothing but win. Honeymoon’s Over, let’s go out and get that W.


      149. The Fast and The Furious


      150. In Scoring Position


      151. Batmen

      • A great name for your men’s team, and tons of possibilities for custom made Batman themed jerseys. You can even create your own custom Batmen logo to give your whole team a unified look.


      152. Why So Serious?

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Why So Serious?

      • This name is sure to lighten the mood on your rec team, remember it’s all for fun! Custom jerseys with the Joker on them are also a cool option for this team.


      153. The Bruise Brothers


      154. Yet To Learn The Rules

      • Are you new to the sport of softball? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there at some point. Keep the mood light with your first team, and give yourselves the most honest name in the game.


      155. We Like Big Bunts

      • And we cannot lie. Sometimes a bunt is just the best course of action in a game.


      156. Bulletproof

      150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names (for Mens, Ladies AND Coed!) Bulletproof
      • Home & Away jerseys 


      157. Who’s Up?

      • There are times when you’re just so into the game that you forget you’re on deck. Remind yourself to keep track of Who’s Up with a name like this.


      158. Bat Intentions


      159. Sultans of Swing


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