25 Funny Coed Softball Team Names for mens and ladies teams

25 Funny Coed Softball Team Names That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Coed teams are a blast to play on, as they provide the perfect opportunity to socialize with your friends and stay fit at the same time. Picking the right name for your team can be a challenge, but with a little creativity and a sense of humour, you can come up with some great options.

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Here’s our top 25 list of funny coed softball team names that will guarantee a laugh from everyone.


1. The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers

  • Are your fielders usually just out there picking daisies in the outfield? This could be a suitable team name if so.


2. Lavish Display of Ignorance

  • For those who either don’t know or don’t care what the rules are.


3. Bat Scratchers

  • or another bat pun based name, like Bat Scratch Fever!


4. We’ve Got the Runs


5. Help Wanted

  • For that thrown together, last-minute kind of team that’s always looking for players to sub in. Help Wanted - Anyone want to play?


6. Wii Not Fit

  • or if your team is in amazing shape, Wii Fit also works!


7. Swing and a Prayer


8. Hit Happens


9. Off Constantly

  • Don’t feel bad if you lose a game with this team name, because at least your opponents are forced to say they “beat Off Constantly”.


10. Straight off the Couch

  • Whether you’re a casual player, or typically playing MLB® The Show™, this is a great first year team name.


11. Not Fast, Just Furious

funny coed team names, fast and furious

12. High Arc Calling


13. We Got Beer


14. Who’s Up?

  • Who’s on deck? Who’s up? Noone knows, but we’re still having fun playing ball!


15. Bunt Cakes


16. Run Like the Winded


17. The (your name here) Experience

  • A nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, this team name always gets a laugh and will definitely be unique.


18. A Team with No Name


19. One Hit Wonders

  • Need to improve your team’s hitting skills, but it’s still a work in progress?


20. The Weakened Warriors


21. Fun Differential

  • For casual league games where the score doesn’t matter and everyone is having fun.


22. Low Expectations


23. Ump Yours

  • Just make sure to not get tossed for talking back to the ump!


24. Game of Throws

Game of Throws funny softball coed team name

  • Or Game of Throwns, for a more classic pun.


25. Vandelay Industries

  • The perfect name for a team that is totally real and definitely not made up. Classic Seinfeld joke. Sponsored by Vandelay Industries.


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