25 Last Minute Slo-Pitch Team Names for Softball, Hardball, slo pitch, fall ball and dome ball

25 Last Minute Slo-Pitch Team Names

What’s a good name for a (last minute) softball team?

It’s hard to coordinate a team, find players, and pick a name that everyone will like. Sometimes the best teams out there are last minute teams that are thrown together just in time for a tournament or league start date. Now how do you pick a name that suits all of the different personalities of your teammates when you haven’t met them?

Check out our collection of top 25 picks for Last Minute Team Names in this post. Whether you’re playing Mens, Coed or Ladies Slo-Pitch this season, it’s always a great idea to have a creative, fun name that all of your teammates can get behind. In this list, there’s something for every team.


Last Minute Team Names (our top 25!)


1. Last Minute Legends

  • Nothing says last minute team like putting it right in your name!


2. The Misfit Toys

Top 25 Last Minute Slo-Pitch Team Names: The Misfit Toys
  • The Misfits tends to be a popular name, especially for last minute teams like the photo above. Switch it up from the norm and go for a name like The Misfit Toys. You can even have custom team jerseys made with the Misfit Toys from the beloved Rudolph movie.


3. Spare Parts

  • Always looking for subs for your last minute team? This name is fitting for those times where your roster is constantly changing and evolving, especially for a Mens 35+ team that may be in need of some spare parts after a long tournament weekend.


4. Last Pick

  • Remember schoolyard picks? Nobody wanted to be picked last, but someone has to be! Show the other teams just how good the Last Picks can be when your last minute all-star packed team shows up to play.


5. Help Wanted

  • Seriously, we’re always on the lookout for subs. Anyone want to play?


6. Benchwarmers

  • Whether your team likes taking breaks on the bench during the game, or you love the movie, this name is a great choice.


7. The (your name here) Experience

  • A nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, get your team in the right groove with this awesome name.


8. Free Agents

  • Hopefully your thrown together team are no longer free agents after this season. Stay together as a team and win those championship games.


9. Lost Boys

  • Perfect for a men’s team that is just getting to know each other. Just make sure no one actually gets lost on their way to the games.


10. Oddballs

Top 25 Last Minute Slo-Pitch Team Names:  Oddballs

  • You can even be super cool and spell it with a z instead of an s - Oddballz, like the team pictured above. Guess they’ll need to replace those pants & socks for next year!


11. No One Sits

  • Got a last minute team of 9 and some random substitute players together for league or fall ball this year? We all know what that’s like. Keep the mood light with this catchy and hilariously accurate team name - No One Sits!


12. Who’s Sittin’?

  • For teams with a full roster; sometimes your players just need a little break during games, so Who’s Sittin’?


13. The Odd Sox

  • Bonus points if your whole team wears unmatching socks for the season! We’ve heard it’s good luck…


14. The Nick-of-Times

  • As in, you got this team together just in the nick of time.


15. The Leftovers


16. Natural Selection


17. What’s Our Team Name?

  • This would definitely be a funny last minute team name. You can all get matching custom jerseys, or just take a sharpie to a white T-shirt like many a team has done in the past. No shame!


18. Instant Classics

  • Even though you threw this team together last minute, those are often just the types of teams that end up winning Championships. Celebrate your potential and show your unwavering confidence with this name.


19. The Mixups

  • We also like “The Mashups”. If you’re entering an OctoberFest or Halloween tournament, you could call yourselves the Monster Mash.


20. Remixed

  • R-r-r-remix!


21. Underdog Dingers

Top 25 Last Minute Slo-Pitch Team Names: Underdog Dingers


22. Goonies

  • This random group of kids ended up having the adventure of a lifetime, and so could you. Call your team name the Goonies, and you’re guaranteed to have a blast. Goonies Never Say Die!


23. Sandlot

Top 25 Last Minute Slo-Pitch Team Names: Sandlot

  • Why not name yourselves after one of the most memorable movie teams out there?


24. Brew Jays

  • Who doesn’t love the Blue Jays? Get in the team spirit and bond with your team over a couple of cold brews.


25. The Dream Team

  • Last but certainly not least.




Picking the right name for your team can be the difference between a successful season and a lackluster one. By picking a name that suits the personalities of your team and reflects the type of team you are, you'll be sure to have a successful season. Whether you're playing in a mens, coed, or ladies league, we hope you enjoyed our list of top 25 picks for last minute team names. With a little bit of creativity, you'll be sure to find the perfect name for your team.

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