how to read custom jersey print panels and mockups in 3 easy steps

3 Simple Steps to EASILY Read Your Custom Jersey Print Panels & Mockups


The first thing you should do when you receive your custom sublimated jersey mockup is look at the overall design as a whole. The mockup will help you get an overview of the entire design and see how the different colours and elements, including logos, work together on your jersey.


Next, take a closer look with the print panels and pay attention to the details. Try to identify the different elements of the design and see how they are arranged to ensure they match your mockup.


Finally, make sure you have a design you love. If there are any parts of your custom jersey mockup and print panels that you want to change, now is the time. Your fully sublimated jerseys are printed exactly as they are shown in the mockups and print panels, so be creative and ensure you love every inch of the design before ordering custom jerseys.


In this post we’ll cover 3 simple steps to help you easily read and understand your custom jersey print panels and mockup. But first, let’s go over the differences between print panels and mockups.



What are print panels?

custom designed print panels for men’s baseball shirts

A print panel is a digital or physical proof of your design that lets you see how your design will look when printed on fabric. They are full-scale versions of the design that will be printed exactly as they’re shown on your artwork. Often print panels are paired with a custom mockup so that you can see the different pieces of your jersey all put together, including the front, back and sleeves.

It's important to review your print panels carefully before approving them, as they will be used to produce your final product.


What is a custom mockup?

custom mockup for coach coats and batting jackets

Mockups are the easiest way to see how your custom sublimated jersey designs will transfer to a garment. Whether you’re ordering custom basketball clothes, football hoodies, or coach coats (above), the mockup will feature your custom garments all pieced together to show a digital preview of how they will look in real life.

When you get a custom design done by TeamGear Canada, you’ll receive a mockup of the finished product, along with the exact print panels for your order - at no additional cost.

Look closely at the artwork, names and sizes, and pay attention to the details mentioned in our guide, and you’ll be able to create the custom jersey of your dreams with no hassle.


Below are 3 simple steps to follow when reading your print panels and custom jersey mockups


1. Preview your design with a mockup

A custom jersey mockup is the best way to see your design as a whole. This will help you see how the different elements work together and get an overview of the design.

The image below shows a mockup of a crew neck jersey with matching hoodie. The designs are cohesive, with minor adjustments made to match the style. For example, you can see from the mockup that the last name was placed below the number on the hoodie, rather than on top like the jersey. This is so that when you’re not wearing your hood, everyone can still see your player number and name without the hood in the way.

mens baseball shirt mockup with a custom design

If you only received print panels, you can request a mockup for free.


    Pay attention to the overall composition of the design, and use the mockup to picture yourself wearing your custom designed sportswear, whether it be a jersey or a hoodie. If you’re confident you have a design you love, you can get ready to order by letting us know the sizes, names and numbers for you and your teammates.


    2. Check the details in your custom jersey print panels

    The print panels you are given for your custom jersey design allow you to easily take a closer look at the details of the design. Try to identify the different elements of the design and see how they are arranged, using your custom mockup as a guide.

    The print panel should look like a blueprint of the jersey, and all the design elements should be in the same places. You should be able to easily identify the same main design elements within your print panels and mockups, as they will be an exact match. Pay attention to the placement of your team logo, the colours used, and the background elements and graphics that make up your custom design.


    The photo below shows the print panels for a mens button-down baseball jersey. The body of the mens baseball shirt is divided into 3 main parts: the back panel, the front left panel, and the front right panel.

    Since these mens baseball style shirts are full button-down, the 2 front panels are sewn as separate pieces to the back of the jersey, followed by the sleeves. The design on the baseball shirt appears to overlap, but once buttoned up, it lays flush against the jersey with no overlap, and no white unprinted parts showing.


    *all panels are described relative to how the jersey is worn*
    men’s baseball shirt panels for custom jerseys


    If you have any questions about your custom sublimated jersey print panels, just ask! We are always happy to help


      3. Create a design you love

      Now that you've seen and understand both the mockup and the print panels for your custom jerseys, you should be able to understand how the jersey will look when it is printed. Now is also the time to make any changes you’d like before sending your custom sublimated jersey to production.

      Once you have a design you love, you can use it to create any number of items, all fully customizable. You can even create your own online TeamGear store on our Featured Shops page. Just pick the products you’d like to provide your team with, and your store will be up and running in no time!

      The image below shows some full products made for the BFH team out of Hamilton, Ontario. Their store features everything from baseball shirts to headbands and a custom drink koozie, even custom batting jackets and pants!

      custom sportswear full sublimation designs

      Contact us to get started on your own Featured Shop designs.



      Order Custom Jerseys with zero headaches

      When you’ve had a change to thoroughly look at both your custom jersey mockup and the final print panels, you should be able to understand how the jersey will look when it is printed. Now is the time to make any changes you’d like before sending your custom sublimated jersey to production.

      We aim to provide a custom jersey experience that is headache free, which is why our print panels and mockups are created by expert designers, and are user friendly and intuitive. Whether this is your first time ordering custom full sublimated jerseys, or you order every season, we guarantee you’ll be able to create the design of your dreams and love the final product.

      Get started on your designs today.

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