5 facts about custom softball pants, shorts or custom knickers for baseball

5 Things Every Player Needs to Know Before Ordering Custom Softball Pants

Custom full sublimation pants are a fantastic way to show your team spirit and look like a pro on the field.


The top 5 things you need to know before ordering custom softball pants are how to find the right fit, what materials are used, which styles are available, what colours and designs you’d like, and the fine details, including add-ons like pockets and belt loops.

Our guide will walk you through these 5 things you should know before ordering custom softball pants so that you can design your own pants with confidence.


5 things you should know before ordering custom softball pants


1. Find the Right Fit

The first step to designing the perfect custom baseball or softball pants is to know your measurements. This will help you to choose the right size, so your pants fit snugly but comfortably, without being too baggy or constricting.


Baggy pants can be uncomfortable and hinder your performance, but they shouldn’t be too tight around the thighs or calves either. Pants with a straight leg or cropped length can provide a comfortable fit that won’t restrict your movement. And if you’re looking for a little extra coverage, choose pants with a longer inseam.


If you’re not sure about your size, take a look at our size chart, which includes measurements for waist and inseam. Once you know your size, you can narrow down your options and find a style of pants that will fit you well.

If you typically have to cut or hem your softball pants to fit, just let us know our preferred length, and we’ll help create the perfect fit for you!


2. Consider the Material

Depending on the climate where you live and play, you may want different lengths of pants, shorts, or ¾ knickers to play softball in. Either way, you’re going to want a fabric that is not too heavy and allows you a full range of motion both on and off the field.


Polyester is a popular choice for custom softball pants and knickers because it’s lightweight and durable. It also has moisture-wicking properties and is breathable, so you can stay cool and dry on the field.


Choosing softball pants or baseball pants made from high-quality materials like polyester will ensure your pants can withstand intense activity for years to come.


3. Pick the Right Style

custom full sublimation softball pants, knickers, shorts and leggings

There are a few different types of custom softball pants available, so it's important to decide on the one that's right for you.


You can choose from a variety of lengths and styles, including pants, shorts, ¾ length knickers, or leggings to wear under your shorts and pants for extra protection.


Another thing to consider with your style of pants is whether or not you’d like an elastic bottom on the legs, especially for custom knickers or capri length pants. Check out our product list to see all styles of custom baseball pants and the add-ons available.


4. Choose Your Colours and Design

The colour of your pants is important, too. You want a colour that complements your team’s uniform and makes you easy to spot on the field with your custom jerseys and pants. Some teams prefer to match their pants to their jerseys, while others like to use contrasting colours to stand out even more.

Once you and your team decide on your style of custom softball pants, you can start designing.

Whether you want your team logo, or your name and player number on your pants, the design options are endless. You can customize every inch of your slo-pitch pants, from colours and design, to style and add-ons such as pockets.


5. Think About the Details

Finally, don’t forget to consider the details of your pants, including any add-ons you may want. You can choose to add-on front pockets, or add an elastic bottom to your custom knickers or pants.


When you’re ready to order custom softball pants for your team, be sure that you or your team has a design and colour scheme in mind, and you’ll be able to start creating your own pants today.




When it comes to customizing your softball pants, there are many things to consider, from the right fit and style, to the perfect colours and design. Our guide walks you through the top 5 things you should know before ordering custom softball pants, so you can design your own pants with confidence.

Now that you know more about the details of custom softball pants, it’s time to get started on your own custom pair. Contact us to begin designing.

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