Athletic Tearaway Pants are the Perfect Gear for Quick Changes

In the world of sports and activewear, efficiency and convenience are key. Athletic tearaway pants stand out for their unique blend of functionality and style. They're designed for those who value speed and convenience, as you can easily change out of them. Tear away pants are also worn as a fashion statement, and have been widely popular since they first came about.

In this blog, we're going to dive into why tearaway pants are a popular choice for athletic wear and casual wear alike.

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The Rise of Tearaway Pants

Tearaway pants started gaining popularity in the 1990s, initially among professional athletes, particularly in basketball and track and field. Their design, featuring snap buttons along the legs for easy removal, made them ideal for quick changes. With tearaways, there's no need to remove your footwear to get changed.

This practicality soon transitioned into a fashion statement, popular in sports culture. This style of pants is convenient and stylish and is still in demand today.

The trend of tearaway pants was further popularized by hip-hop artists, dancers and cheerleaders. They truly are a staple in both athletic and casual wear.


Why Choose Athletic Tearaway Pants?

Quick and Easy Changes

The primary advantage of tearaway trousers lies in their capacity for rapid changes. With snaps running along the sides, these pants can be removed quickly without the need to take off shoes or other gear. This feature is particularly beneficial for athletes who need to change their clothes quickly during games and practice.

tearaway pants in light blue with navy blue stripes

Tearaway pants are also a preferred option for cheerleaders and dancers. Pants with snaps down the legs allow you to change quickly between different types of clothing for routines and practices.


Versatile and Comfortable

Beyond their practicality, these athletic pants are designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, they offer optimal comfort during intense activities or when simply relaxing off the field. Their adaptable design makes them suitable for various sports, from basketball to track and field, as well as for casual wear.


Customization Options

At TeamGear Canada, we understand the importance of personalization in sportswear. That's why we offer custom-made full sublimation printed sportswear, including tearaway pants. With an unlimited range of design options, you can ensure that your athletic wear stands out and reflects your individuality.

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tearaway pants with blue and black swirl pattern

Caring for Your Tearaway Pants

When it comes to maintaining the quality of your custom pants, proper care is essential. At TeamGear Canada, we utilize high-quality fabrics that are not only durable but also easy to care for. For detailed care instructions and answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.



Athletic tearaway pants give the perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality. They're a great choice for everything from athletic wear to casual daily wear.

Add a custom pair of tearaway pants to your wardrobe with TeamGear Canada. With TeamGear Canada, you have the opportunity to design your own pants that meet your specific needs and preferences. Embrace the convenience and style of tear away pants and experience the difference in your active lifestyle.

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