Choosing the Right Materials for Your Long Sleeve Baseball Jerseys

Selecting the ideal materials for long sleeve baseball jerseys is essential for maximizing comfort, performance, and durability on the field. With the diverse fabric options available at TeamGear Canada, you can tailor your jerseys to meet your needs. We also have options for every type of weather you might encounter during game time.

Do you need ideas for your jersey designs? Check out our gallery here. If you're ready to start designing, let us know your ideas here, and we'll create a custom mockup for you.


Premium Sport Fabric vs. Dry-Fit for Your Long Sleeve Baseball Jerseys

Premium Sport Fabric

Our Premium Sport fabric is durable and comfortable. This material is perfect for athletes who need a jersey that can withstand the rigours of the game. Since all of our jerseys are made with polyester, they are far more breathable and flexible than cotton.

Premium Sport fabric for Long sleeve baseball jerseys

Polyester's robust nature makes it an excellent choice for long sleeve jerseys that need to last. After all, your jerseys need to survive through sliding, diving, and the general wear and tear of baseball.


Dry-Fit Fabric

Dry-Fit fabric, on the other hand, focuses on moisture management. This lightweight, breathable material wicks sweat away from the body, keeping players dry and comfortable during intense play. Dry-Fit is ideal for long sleeve baseball jerseys intended for warmer weather. It's made with 100% polyester, like our Premium Sport fabric, providing maximum ventilation and moisture wicking.

Dry-Fit fabric for Long sleeve baseball jerseys


Compression Long Sleeve Baseball Jerseys

For fall ball games or colder weather tournaments, compression jerseys serve as a great under layer. These jerseys offer a snug, supportive fit that can help enhance circulation and muscle recovery.

Long sleeve baseball jerseys with white fabric and team name

Compression shirts also help to keep you warm under your standard jersey. At TeamGear Canada, we offer compression options that pair perfectly with our long sleeve baseball jerseys. They're perfect for those chillier days on the field and in the stands!


Staying Warm Off the Field

If you're looking to stay warm while watching the game rather than playing, consider creating a water-resistant pullover sweater with TeamGear Canada. Our water-resistant fabric, complete with a fleece lining, ensures you remain warm and cozy. This fabric will make your pullover sweater an excellent alternative to a long sleeve baseball jersey.

Long sleeve baseball jacket for Bisons hardball team

Ready to customize your long sleeve jersey or pullover sweater? Design and buy your own with TeamGear Canada here.

Let us help you stay comfortable, warm, and stylish, whether you're on the field or cheering from the sidelines.



Choosing the right material for your long sleeve baseball jerseys is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Whether you prefer our Premium Sport fabric, Dry-Fit, or a compression jersey, we have fabrics to suit every need.

Don't let the weather dictate your game; dress appropriately and play your best, regardless of the conditions.

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