Coach Checklist: 5 Things you Need to Succeed as coach of a basketball, baseball or slo-pitch team

Coach Checklist: 5 Things you Need to Succeed

The role of a coach is to facilitate learning and development. They help individuals and teams develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful, while also motivating and encouraging them to improve. Coaches also provide support and guidance to those they work with, helping them make sense of their experiences, build self-confidence, and identify areas for growth.


Along with a good personality and a lot of patience, there are a few physical things that you’ll need as a coach to succeed. We’ve put our Coach Checklist below so you can make sure you’re prepared for every game of the season.


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What does a coach need to succeed?

1. Scorebooks and pens

  • Make sure as the coach that you or someone else on your team is always keeping score. Bring extra pens so you can take notes, write down game strategies and rework your in-game lineups if needed.


2. First Aid Kit & Ice

  • A first aid kit and bags of ice are essential for any coach, as injuries can happen during any game and practice. It is important to have a kit on hand to treat minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and have a plan in place in case more serious injuries occur.


3. Water bottles

  • It’s important to keep players hydrated during games and practices, so having water bottles available for all is a great idea. A coach should encourage their players to drink plenty of water before, during, and after activities.


4. Game plans and strategies

  • As a coach it’s your responsibility to plan how your team will approach each practice, game or competition. This includes identifying their team's strengths and weaknesses, studying the opponent's playing style, and developing tactics to counter their strategies. Your team may also require matching jerseys or uniforms, so be sure to confirm any league rules and order your jerseys a few weeks before your season starts.


5. Rulebooks & Knowledge of the game

  • Make sure you know the rules and understand every play before you step on the field. The more you know as a coach, the more you can help your team to overcome other teams and have a successful season.




To be a successful coach, you need to have effective communication skills, the ability to motivate, the ability to build relationships, creative problem-solving skills, and a commitment to continuous learning. Additionally, you need to plan for your team’s success by creating a pre-season, practice, game, and post-season plan.

One thing to remember is that no matter how prepared you are, it's also important to plan events with your team that don’t take place on the playing field to build morale and friendship.


By following this checklist, you can be sure that you have all the tools you need to succeed as a team coach.


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