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Custom Basketball Jerseys: TeamGear Canada's Guide to The Perfect Uniform

Creating the perfect basketball jersey starts with the perfect design.

You want a custom jersey design that is going to be both stylish and functional, and that is going to have your basketball team looking their best on the court.

The first step is to come up with a colour scheme for your team. Make sure that the colours you choose are going to be complementary to each other, and that they go well with your team logo. If you haven’t decided on a team logo, check out some of our other blog posts on creating a team logo to come up with a design your whole team will love.


Once you have your colour scheme nailed down, you can start thinking of the various design elements that will be on your custom basketball jerseys.


Consider the different elements you want on your Custom Basketball Jerseys

Do you have sponsor logos that need to be included on your custom jerseys? Do you need home and away basketball jerseys for the season? Do you prefer V neck or classic crew neck style?

Decide on the style of your jerseys before creating a custom design. For example, the neckline should be comfortable for all players. Some may want crew neck or V neck jerseys, with or without sleeves, so investing in custom jerseys ensures that everyone gets what they want.

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There are unlimited style options for full sublimation jerseys, whether you want your jerseys to be plain, with just your team’s colours, or you prefer to add some extra design elements like gradients or textures to really make them stand out.

If you want to add an extra level of customization to your jerseys, you can have jerseys with names and player numbers on the front or back. All of our jerseys are fully custom, so adding player names and numbers to your basketball jerseys is free.

Player names and numbers need to be legible from a distance, so make sure to use a large, easy to read font. For a consistent look, you can use the same font as your logo and just increase the size.


Choose a fabric for your full sublimation custom jerseys

TeamGear Canada can help you to create custom basketball clothes that not only look great, but function perfectly for your team. Select the right materials for your team’s custom jerseys based on your needs. Do you prefer a lightweight sport fabric, or standard dry fit fabric? Both are designed to wick moisture away from the body and keep you cool and comfortable on the court.

We also offer a range of shorts and warmup jackets to complete your team’s look. Our basketball shorts come in a variety of styles, from traditional cut to booty shorts, and can be completely customized to match your team’s jerseys. You can even add your player name and number to the shorts!



Creating the perfect custom basketball jerseys for your team is easy with TeamGear Canada. Follow our guide to designing the perfect uniforms and custom basketball clothing for your team, and get started today by letting us know your custom jersey design ideas.

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