Custom Bowling Jerseys: How to Choose the Perfect Fabric

When it comes to custom bowling jerseys, the fabric you choose is as crucial as the design on it. The right material can enhance your performance, keep you comfortable during long games, and ensure you look your best under the alley lights. With options ranging from traditional Dry-fit to our innovative Premium Sport fabric, making the right choice can set your team apart.

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Importance of Fabric Choice in Custom Bowling Jerseys

Comfort and performance go hand in hand when selecting the fabric for your bowling jerseys. While bowling indoors might not demand as much from the fabric in terms of weather resistance, the look and feel of it under the alley lights can significantly impact your team's presence. A comfortable fabric that aligns with your team's style and the indoor environment will enhance the overall experience.

Custom bowling jerseys with Storm team branding in black and blue designs


Fabric Options for Bowling Jerseys

Dry-Fit Fabric

Dry-fit is a popular choice for sports jerseys, known for its moisture-wicking properties that keep players dry and comfortable. Its perforated micro-mesh style is breathable, making it a solid option for active wear. However, its appearance is more functional than flashy, with a focus on performance over style.

Dry-Fit fabric for custom bowling jerseys made in Canada


Premium Sport Fabric

For teams aiming to make a visual impact, our Premium Sport fabric is the top contender. This material offers a smoother finish and a stretchier, more lightweight feel than traditional dry-fit, making it ideal for dynamic movements in bowling. Its most distinctive feature is the shiny finish, which looks spectacular under the lights of a bowling alley!

Premium Sport fabric for Custom bowling jerseys made in Canada by Team Gear


Selecting the Right Fabric for Your Team

When choosing the fabric for your custom bowling jerseys, consider the following:

  • Comfort and Fit: Ensure the fabric feels good against the skin and offers enough stretch for unrestricted movement.

  • Visual Appeal: Decide what aesthetic you're going for. If standing out is your goal, the shiny finish of our Premium Sport fabric could be the perfect choice.

  • Climate and Environment: Although bowling is an indoor sport, the climate inside the alley can vary. Opt for breathable fabrics that maintain comfort throughout the game.

  • Team Preferences: Discuss with your team members to understand their preferences in terms of feel and look. If some teammates prefer different fabrics, you can mix and match for your order!

Custom Bowling Jerseys fabrics made with premium polyester materials


Our Premium Sport fabric is particularly favoured among bowlers for its ability to make jerseys pop visually, especially in the unique lighting of bowling alleys. This can be a game-changer for teams looking to leave a lasting impression.

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We’ll ensure your team shines in every roll and strike.

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