Custom Fishing Jerseys Made in Canada: Stand Out at Your Tournaments

In the competitive world of fishing tournaments across Canada, standing out is about more than just the size of your catch. It's also about wearing custom fishing jerseys that not only look great but also provide essential protection and comfort throughout the event. TeamGear Canada specializes in creating custom fishing jerseys that meet these needs, ensuring you're both stylish and safeguarded against the elements.

Ready to make a splash with your unique jersey design? Jump onboard with TeamGear Canada here.

Custom Fishing Jerseys with name on the front made in Canada


SPF Protected Materials for Custom Fishing Jerseys

Premium Sport Fabric

Premium Sport fabric for Custom Fishing Jerseys Canada

Our Premium Sport fabric is not just about aesthetics; it's also SPF rated, offering significant protection from the sun's harmful rays. Considering the long hours spent out on the water, opting for long sleeves is a wise choice. These jerseys provide extensive coverage, crucial for safeguarding your skin during extended fishing adventures.

With TeamGear Canada, you can fish with confidence, knowing you're protected and comfortable.


Why Sublimation Printing Is Perfect for Fishing Jerseys

Full sublimation printing is the gold standard for custom fishing jerseys, especially for those participating in long tournaments or trips. This technique ensures your jersey's design won't crack, fade, or peel, regardless of repeated exposure to sun and water.

full sublimation is better for Custom Fishing Jerseys than vinyl because it won't crack or fade

Sublimation printing infuses the fabric with ink, resulting in vibrant, durable designs that can withstand the rigours of any fishing expedition.

Looking to reel in the perfect custom fishing jersey for your next tournament? Cast your line with TeamGear Canada here, and let us hook you up with gear that's built to last.


Start Your Designs Today with TeamGear

Custom fishing jerseys from TeamGear Canada are more than just clothing; they're a crucial part of your fishing arsenal. Designed to stand out, protect, and provide comfort, our jerseys ensure you can focus on what you do best: fishing. Made in Canada, our jerseys are tailored to withstand the roughest conditions. They're a perfect fit for any angler looking to make their mark.

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