We offer custom batting jackets, custom bombers, custom coach coats, championship jackets, warm-up coats, custom hoodies, coach jackets mens, and ladies sizing, jacket custom, customized jacket and more. Endless design options available

Custom Sports Jackets & Coach Coats - Stay Warm In Style!

There are plenty of reasons to wear a custom sports jacket, and not just when you’re actually playing sports. After all, if your team wins the championship or you coach the winning team in your league, you’re going to want to commemorate that win somehow, right? We offer custom jackets and coach coats that allow you to do this while also looking great.


Our custom sports jackets and coach coats are guaranteed to keep you warm and in style, made with best quality craftsmanship around - all at an affordable price! You can even get matching custom t-shirts to match your jacket or coach coat. Check out our full range of options now!


The benefits of Custom Full Sublimation sports jackets

Customize your winter jacket with your own design or team colours and create a one of a kind jacket to stand out in the cold. Our full sublimation coach jackets are made of windproof, water-repellent fabric and come in all styles, including full zipper, slim fit and more. These weatherproof jackets are handcrafted in Canada with premium fabrics, and will last for many years to come.


We offer custom batting jackets, custom bombers, custom coach coats, championship jackets, warm-up coats, custom hoodies, coach jackets mens, and ladies sizing, jacket custom, customized jacket and more. Endless design options available


How to design your own jacket

Designing your own coach jacket is as easy as visiting our website and starting a custom design form. From there, we can take care of the rest. You'll be able to customize every inch of your jacket or hoodie to make one-of-a-kind personalized coats for yourself and the whole team. We offer custom coach jackets for men and women, in styles ranging from full zip outdoor jackets to lightweight sweatshirts.


What type of fabric is used?

There are a few types of fabrics to choose from when designing your custom sports jackets and coach coats, depending on the style you'd like. All of our full sublimation hoodies and custom coats are made with durable fabric that retains its quality and great look through years of wear.

Our Water-resistant fabric is a durable, lightweight fabric that provides airflow to the body, repels moisture, and is water and stain resistant.

Our Premium sport fabric can be used for lightweight hoodies, along with our other standard sport performance fabrics typically used for jerseys and hoodies. It wicks away moisture from your body and doesn’t fade or become transparent when wet.

steel city jackets printed with full sublimation made in Canada

The most lightweight fabric that we use for batting jackets is called Savannah. It makes for a nice, light top layer and will keep you dry without being too warm on summer nights. Savannah fabric is pictured above.

If you're looking for a warmup jacket to keep you dry, we'd recommend our water-resistant fabric. If you're looking to stay warm with an extra layer while playing, Premium fabric is a great lightweight option.


Tips for choosing the right style

Jackets made with sublimation inks are great because they can be customized with any colour and design of your choice. There's a few things to consider when deciding on your style of custom jacket, check out our quick tips below to help you make a more informed choice for your custom coat.


  1. Is your team playing indoors or outdoors? This can help you decide between a lightweight custom hoodie and a full zipper coach coat, or both depending on the weather.
  2. Choose the style of coat, jacket or hoodie that suits your needs. If you’re coaching, you may prefer a jacket with a neck zipper so you can cool off without having to remove your coat. Players may prefer a full zipper so they can easily add and remove any extra layers.
  3. Decide on a custom design for your own personal jacket, or a design for your whole team if you want to have a unified look year round. Do you want them to match your jerseys? You can transfer any design from a jersey to a custom coach coat for a full matching set of gear.


You will be amazed at how many unique design photos are available on our website from previous customers, so feel free to browse through and get some ideas before deciding on what type of design you’d like.


How to care for your custom jacket

To ensure the longevity of your fully custom jacket, make sure you take care of it. The printed designs will stay bright and vivid for as long as the fabric lasts. The best care practices are as follows: wash inside out, hang dry and do not iron.




Custom jackets are a great way to stay warm and dry during your games, and for casual everyday use. Consider what you’re looking for in a custom jacket, including style and design, and create your own one of a kind coat today.

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