Design a Sublimated Jersey & Unleash Your Full Creativity

A sublimated jersey represents the pinnacle of sportswear innovation, combining endless design possibilities with unmatched durability. At TeamGear Canada, we specialize in bringing your visions to life with our full sublimation printing process, ensuring your team looks its best in every game.

Eager to create a sublimated jersey that’s uniquely yours? Get started with our design team here and let’s craft a masterpiece together.


Why a Sublimated Jersey Is a Game Changer

Sublimated jerseys don’t just look good; they offer significant advantages over traditional sportswear. From vibrant colours that don’t fade to designs that can’t peel or crack, discover why more teams are choosing sublimation for their uniforms.

Sublimated Jersey design with custom comic book pop art effects

Crafting Your Perfect Sublimated Jersey

Our dedicated design team at TeamGear Canada is here to turn your dream jersey into reality. Whether you have a complete design in mind or are starting from scratch, we ensure every detail is perfect. Learn how our custom design process sets your team apart.


Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Jersey

The choice of fabric is crucial in the creation of a sublimated jersey. Our Dry Fit and Premium Sport materials not only offer comfort but also enhance the vibrancy of your designs. Find out which fabric best suits your team's needs on our fabrics page.

Sublimated Jersey fabrics from TeamGear Canada, Dry-fit and Premium Sport


The Sublimation Process: A Closer Look

Full sublimation printing is at the heart of what makes a sublimated jersey so special. This section dives into the technical side of how your jerseys go from concept to reality, ensuring every detail is captured with precision.


TeamGear Canada: Your Partner in Design

Why choose TeamGear Canada for your sublimated jerseys? It’s simple. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures your team not only looks great but feels great too. Discover the TeamGear Canada difference.


Styling Tips for Your Sublimated Jersey

Sublimated jerseys are versatile, perfect for game day or as a casual outfit. This section provides styling tips to help you wear your team colours with pride, no matter the occasion.


Maintaining Your Sublimated Jersey

To keep your custom jersey looking its best, proper care is essential. We offer tips on maintaining the quality and vibrancy of your jersey, ensuring it lasts for seasons to come.

Before we wrap up, remember that a unique sublimated jersey is just a design away. Don’t miss the opportunity to wear your team spirit.

Start your design journey here, and let TeamGear Canada help you make a lasting impression.


TeamGear Canada has no order minimums on Sublimated Jerseys and other custom sportswear items 

FAQs on Sublimated Jerseys

  • How long does it take to receive my custom jersey? Expect your personalized creation within about 4 weeks.
  • Can I design my own sublimated jersey? Absolutely! Our team is excited to bring your unique ideas to life.
  • What sets TeamGear Canada’s sublimated jerseys apart? Our dedication to high-quality materials, cutting-edge printing technology, and personalized design services ensures your jersey is in a league of its own.


The Future of Sportswear Is Here

Sublimated jerseys from TeamGear Canada offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability. Whether you’re hitting the field or the streets, our jerseys ensure you do it in unparalleled style.

Ready to redefine your team’s look with a custom sublimated jersey? Begin your creative journey here and join the ranks of teams who choose to stand out with TeamGear Canada.

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