Play softball in a Dome: Choose the Perfect Team Name for your slo pitch or baseball team

Dome Heroes: Choose the Perfect Team Name from our Top 10!

Dome ball is the common name for indoor softball, usually played in a soccer dome facility over the winter when the outdoor fields are unavailable.


Typically an indoor field will have green turf, with soccer field lines painted, and netting in place of fences. 

softball dome photos of an indoor soccer field where teams can play in their short sleeve full sublimation jerseys in the indoors during winter


Local facilities for indoor softball in the winter include the Welland Wizards indoor soccer facility and the LCI Sports Centre in Etobicoke.


If you’re looking for a great indoor dome ball team name, check out our top 10 list below!


1. Heads Up

  • Let your competition know to be ready ahead of time for when balls bounce off the roof, instead of out of the park.


2. Winter Warriors

  • The Warriors is a classic team name, so you can put a festive spin on it and call yourselves the Winter Warriors. Tis’ the season for some baseball.


3. Inside Outs

  • Just because your team is playing indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t make those outs!


4. Dome Troopers

  • Get your team ready to defend your turf….literally.


5. Honey I’m Dome

  • The home-based puns leave plenty of room for variation. For example; “Heading Dome”, “Dome Runs”, “Dome for the Holidays”, and tons more.


6. No Batter Indoors

  • As in, we’re ‘no better’ at playing indoors. This pun is a bit of a stretch, but once you think about it, it’s pretty clever too.


7. Indoor Revolution


8. No Place Like Dome

  • This reference to The Wizard of Oz, although a bit cliché, is still a great way to represent your team.


9. The Bubble Boys (and/or Girls)

  • More suited to the classic tent style dome, this team name is bound to draw attention from your opponents.


10. Domesday Destroyers



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