Football Sweaters Made in Canada: Materials that Tackle the Cold

When the temperature drops, the right football sweater can make all the difference, whether you're on the field, on the sidelines, or in the stands. TeamGear Canada specializes in crafting football sweaters that not only showcase your team spirit, but also provide the warmth and comfort needed to tackle the cold.

Our wide selection of fabrics caters to the various needs of athletes and fans alike. That way everyone can enjoy the game, no matter the conditions.

Looking to design a football sweater that stands out in the crowd? Start with our team here, and we'll create a unique design just for you.


 football sweaters with Hangover inspired designs


Our Selection of Football Sweaters Fabric

Double Knit: Our Standard Hoodie Fabric

Double knit is our go-to fabric for hoodies, offering a sturdy yet breathable material without a fleece lining. This fabric is ideal for those looking for a durable sweater that provides a layer of warmth without the bulk, perfect for mild to cool weather.

double knit Fabric for custom football sweaters from TeamGear Canada



Water-Resistant Fabric: A Popular Upgrade

For those seeking extra protection against the elements, our water-resistant fabric is an excellent choice. Featuring a smooth finish on the outside and a soft fleece interior, this fabric ensures you stay warm and dry. Water-resistant is our most popular fabric upgrade for custom hoodies and sweaters.

Hoodie Fabric Upgrades for football sweaters with fleece lining


Dual Layer: A Cozy Fabric Upgrade

Our Dual Layer fabric offers the best of both worlds. It has an outer layer that mimics the finish of our Double-Knit fabric and an inner layer of soft fleece. This combination is perfect for custom sweaters and hoodies, providing added warmth and comfort during those chilly games.


Tri-Knit (RM3): Stretchy and Soft

For those who prioritize comfort and flexibility, Tri-Knit (RM3) is the way to go. This fabric is known for its soft finish and fleece interior, along with more stretchability. It's especially popular among the bowling, dance, and gymnastics communities for warmup jackets. RM3, or Tri-Knit, offers a cozy yet flexible option for any high-intensity activity.



 football sweaters custom designed with lions and jet fighter designs

Design Your Own Football Sweaters with TeamGear

At TeamGear Canada, we believe in providing football sweaters that are as tough as the athletes who wear them. With a range of fabric options, we offer custom products designed to keep you warm, comfortable, and focused in-game.

Ready to wrap yourself in warmth with a custom football sweater? Customize yours with TeamGear Canada here.

Made in Canada for the harsh climate, our football sweaters are built to tackle the cold head-on. Let us help you stay warm, dry, and stylish, no matter how cold it gets.

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