Full Sublimation Custom Jerseys, The Future of Sportswear Design

Full Sublimation: The Future of Sportswear Design

What is Full Sublimation?

Full sublimation is a method of printing designs onto fabric using heat and pressure. It is a digital printing process that allows for unlimited patterns, colours, and images to be printed onto the fabric.


One of the main advantages of full sublimation for custom jerseys and sportswear is that it allows for limitless design possibilities.

Unlike traditional screen printing or embroidery, which have limitations on the number of colours that can be used, full sublimation allows for the use of hundreds of colours, making it ideal for creating highly detailed, full-colour designs.


Full Sublimation Custom jersey for baseball and softball

Another advantage of full sublimation is that the designs are printed directly into the fabric itself, rather than on top of it. This makes the designs more durable and resistant to fading, cracking, or peeling, and allows for the sportswear to be washed and worn without losing its vibrant colours.

Full sublimation is also a cost-effective way of printing sportswear, as it does not require any setup costs, screens, or plates.

Full sublimation is becoming increasingly popular in the sportswear industry, as it allows for the creation of unique, customized designs that are both durable and cost-effective. Many sportswear manufacturers are now using this method to create sportswear that is not only functional, but also stylish and eye-catching.


It's worth noting that Full sublimation is not limited to sportswear, it is also used in other applications like yoga mats, home decor, jackets, and more!


To get started on designing your own custom Canadian made full sublimation jerseys and sportswear, simply fill out our design form here and we’ll be in touch with a mockup for you!

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