Halloween Softball Tournament Names and Team Names

Halloween Softball Tournament Names: A SCARY Good Lineup of Ideas

Halloween is one of the best times of year to hit the diamond for some spooky softball fun. In this blog post, we’re giving you suggestions for spooky Halloween softball tournament names AND some Halloween team names too!

Whether you're organizing a Halloween softball tournament or want to give your team a spine-tingling new name, we’ve got you covered.

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Now let’s explore some spine-chilling Halloween softball tournament names and team names that will send shivers down your opponent's spines.


Halloween Softball Tournament Names for Your Event

Halloween softball tournaments offer a unique chance to bring teams back together after the regular season has ended. You’ll get to enjoy the company of your softball community together again, foster team camaraderie, and create even more unforgettable memories on the diamond.

Whether you're organizing a fun event or a competitive tournament, these halloween softball tournament names will inspire you this spooky season.

Let's dive into the cauldron of creativity and discover the TOP 10 halloween softball tournament name for your event:

  1. Pumpkin Pitch
  2. Monster Mash Softball
  3. Frankenstein's Fastpitch
  4. Witch's Pitch
  5. Boo Ball
  6. Spooktacular Slugfest
  7. Poltergeist Playoffs
  8. Bone Yard Bash
  9. Devil's Derby
  10. Field of Screams


pumpkins, featured in Halloween Softball Tournament Names blog


Halloween Softball Team Names for the Spooky Season!

A ghoulishly good team name not only instills a sense of unity but also adds an element of spooky fun to your games. It's the perfect way to get your players and fans into the Halloween spirit while striking fear into the hearts of your opponents.

We’ve included a collection of Halloween softball team names below that will send shivers down the spines of your rivals.

From classic monsters to eerie wordplay, these names are designed to set the stage for unforgettable matches filled with both tricks and treats. So, as you prepare to take the field, let these names inspire you and capture the essence of Halloween in every inning.


1. Reaper's Crew

reaper crew jersey for halloween team names

Kick off your Halloween tournament with a name that sends chills down the spines of your opponents. "Reaper's Crew" conjures images of the Grim Reaper himself, ready to harvest the competition.


2. The Glizzy Goblins

glizzy goblins jersey for halloween softball team names

If you're aiming for a more playful approach to Halloween, "The Glizzy Goblins" is a name that combines the spirit of the season with a mischievous twist. Picture goblins stealing bases under the moonlight!


3. Booze Jays

Booze Jays halloween softball team names

Why not dress up as your favourite team for your Halloween Tournament? Put a twist on a classic team name, like the “Booze Jays”. It's a nod to both the Toronto Blue Jays and the spirited beverages often enjoyed during Halloween celebrations.


4. The Sandlot

The Sandlot custom jersey for halloween softball team

While not explicitly Halloween-themed, "The Sandlot" evokes memories of eerie, moonlit nights and childhood adventures. It's a name that can infuse a touch of nostalgia and mystery into your team name.


5. Sunnyvale Sluggers

Sunnyvale Sluggers custom jersey for halloween softball team name

For fans of the Canadian TV series "Trailer Park Boys," you can dress up as the "Sunnyvale Sluggers" this Halloween. It's a unique choice that'll have fans of the show cheering you on!


6. The Jokers or The Jesters

jesters and jokers custom jersey for halloween softball

Embrace the playful side of Halloween with "Jokers" or "Jesters" as your team name. Go for a creepy design on your custom jerseys to embrace the Spooky Season.


7. Skeleton Crew

skeleton crew custom jersey for halloween

For a team that's dead serious about winning, "Skeleton Crew" is a classic choice. Your Skeleton Crew team is sure to be a formidable challenge to your opponents.


8. Eclipse

eclipse of the moon custom jersey for halloween

Transport your players to a spooky Halloween night landscape with a team name like "Eclipse." This name suggests the eerie moment when the moon hides the sun, creating a mysterious atmosphere that mirrors the thrill of the game.

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9. Thunder Bats

halloween softball team name and jersey

"Thunder Bats" combines the rumble of a thunderstorm with the crack of a well-hit softball. It's a name that infuses the intensity of the game with the spookiness of Halloween.


10. Venom/Carnage

venom and carnage softball jersey for halloween

Embrace the darkness with "Venom" or "Carnage" as your Halloween team name These names draw inspiration from iconic villains and offer a menacing edge that will make your opponents think twice before stepping up to the plate.


11. Green Goblins

Halloween Softball Tournament Name and team name, green goblins

Inspired by the iconic Spider-Man villain, the Green Goblins are here to add a thrilling twist to the game. With their green jerseys and wicked determination, they're ready to swing, soar, and conquer the diamond.




As you prepare for a Halloween softball extravaganza, remember that your team's name sets the stage for the thrills and chills that await on the diamond.

With these spine-tingling halloween team names and halloween softball tournament names, you'll be ready to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park in style. So, grab your bats, don your jerseys, and let the Halloween softball games begin!

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