How Much Does It Cost To Make Custom Jerseys? How much are full sublimation jerseys?

How Much Does It Cost To Make Custom Jerseys?

TeamGear Canada offers fully customizable full sublimation jerseys at affordable costs. Full sublimation printing, with the highest industry standards, allows us to uniquely design every inch of your jersey.

There are multiple types of sublimation and custom printing options when it comes to making jerseys. Although some alternatives such as silkscreen printing and basic sublimation may save you money short-term, they are more prone to fading, cracking, peeling and are not 100% fully customizable.

No other custom printing matches the quality and longevity of full sublimation. All of our TeamGear Canada products are made to order and built to last.


How Much Does It Cost To Make Custom Jerseys? Why is full sublimation the best choice?

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With TeamGear Canada creating your sportswear, whether it be men's softball pants, custom sweatpants or custom sweaters, you can be confident that the quality will exceed your expectations. We manufacture each article of clothing with vivid colours, premium sport fabric, and expert designs that you'll look your best in.


Contact us or chat with us below and let us know your design ideas to get started today.


All TeamGear Canada products are proudly made in Canada.


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