How to Buy Custom Baseball Jerseys in Canada?

Finding the perfect custom baseball jerseys in Canada can be as challenging as hitting a curveball. But it doesn't have to be. Whether you're a team manager or a fan looking to show support, custom jerseys are a game-changer. Want to start designing your team's jerseys?

Kick off your custom design journey with TeamGear Canada here.


Why Go Custom?

Showcase Team Identity with Your Custom Baseball Jerseys

Custom jerseys are a powerful tool for uniting your team and showcasing your identity. They turn individual players into a cohesive unit, ready to take on any challenge.


Flexibility in Design

With custom jerseys, the design possibilities are endless. Choose your colours, logos, and fonts to create a look that's as unique as your team.


custom baseball jerseys made in Canada with a space themed design


Quality and Comfort

Custom doesn't just mean personalized design; it means quality. High-quality fabrics ensure your team stays comfortable on and off the field.

At TeamGear Canada, we use premium fabrics that are higher quality than you'll find with other jersey dealers. Check out our different fabric options here!


The Magic of Custom Baseball Jerseys

Celebrate Team Identity

Custom jerseys do more than differentiate teams on the field; they weave the very essence of your team’s spirit into a tangible form. Each design element, from the colours to the logo, tells a part of your team's story, celebrating its history, values, and aspirations.


Unleash Creativity

Designing your own baseball jersey unleashes creativity, allowing players and fans to contribute each of their ideas! This creative process is a journey that fosters team spirit and excitement, even before the season starts.


Embrace Quality and Comfort

Opting for custom jerseys means choosing unparalleled quality and comfort designed to meet the specific needs of baseball players. The right fabric not only looks professional but also supports peak performance by managing sweat and offering full range of motion.


Choosing the Right Provider

Look for Experience

Select a provider with a solid track record. Experienced companies understand the ins and outs of design and production, ensuring top-notch results.

Premium Sport fabric from TeamGear for custom baseball jerseys made in Canada


Consider the Materials for your Custom Baseball Jerseys

The right fabric makes a difference. Look for providers offering durable, breathable materials that can withstand the rigours of the game.

Check out more about our fabrics here, and see the difference in quality that TeamGear Canada has to offer.


Check the Turnaround Time

Time is of the essence, especially with the season approaching. Choose a provider that offers quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

A reliable provider knows that timing is everything. They honour turnaround times, ensuring your team is well-equipped for the season opener or that special tournament.


Designing Your Custom Baseball Jerseys

Designing a jersey starts with your team's story. What are your colours? What symbols or mottos represent your team as a whole? This foundational narrative guides the design process, making each jersey a chapter of your team’s larger tale.

Have an idea of what you want your jerseys to look like. Consider team colours, logos, and any text you want to include before starting your designs.

Utilize the expertise of our professional designers. They can turn your vision into reality, offering advice on what looks best.

Working with professional designers like ours is a partnership where your ideas are valued and enhanced. We offer guidance on how to bring your vision to life while ensuring the design is practical and conforms to league standards.

If you need ideas or inspiration for your designs, check out our gallery here!

Before production starts, review your design mockups carefully. This step ensures everything is exactly how you want it.


How Long Do custom baseball jerseys take to make in Canada? About 4 weeks


Ordering and Receiving Your Custom Baseball Jerseys

Once you're happy with the design, place your order. Ensure all sizes and quantities are correct to avoid delays.

Stay in touch with your provider to track your order's progress. Good communication helps ensure timely delivery!

When your jerseys arrive, distribute them to your team. Enjoy the look of unity and the boost in team spirit. This moment is a celebration - a tangible manifestation of your team's identity and hard work.



Custom baseball jerseys are more than just apparel; they're a statement of unity, pride, and passion for the game. Ready to bring your team's look to the next level?

Create your custom baseball jerseys with TeamGear Canada today. Start your design process here.

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