How to Make Your Baseball Style Shirts Unique?

Baseball style shirts aren't just a part of the uniform; they're a badge of honor. Whether you're sliding into home base or cheering from the sidelines, these shirts tie us to the game we love. At TeamGear Canada, we understand this connection. That's why we pour our passion into every stitch of our custom-made baseball style shirts.

Ready to wear your team's spirit? Let's start creating with our easy-to-use design form.


Why Baseball Style Shirts?

We all seek that perfect blend of comfort, style, and team spirit. Baseball style shirts offer just that. They're versatile, allowing you to swing, run, and slide with ease. More importantly, they let you carry your team's identity, both on and off the field.


Red Baseball Style Shirts with black pinstripes


Customization at Its Finest

At TeamGear Canada, we thrive on making your vision come to life. Our design process is a collaborative journey. We take your ideas, add our expertise, and the result is a jersey that stands out in a crowd. Whether you're aiming for a classic look or something bold and crazy, we've got you covered.


Baseball Style Shirts: Fabric Choices That Matter

Choosing the right fabric is crucial. Our Dry Fit material is all about durability and comfort. Prefer something lighter? Our Premium Sport fabric offers a stretchy, lightweight alternative. Both are 100% polyester, ensuring your jersey withstands the rigours of the game. Check out our fabric options here.


The Perfect Fit

A great jersey is one that fits perfectly. Our size charts make finding your ideal size easy. Remember, the right fit means better performance and confidence, whether you're playing or supporting.


From Concept to Creation of Your Baseball Style Shirts

Our design team is the heart of TeamGear Canada. They're wizards at turning your concepts into reality. With full sublimation printing, your designs aren't just added to the fabric; they become part of it. This means vibrant colours and designs that last as long as your love for the game.

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Quality That Speaks Volumes

Quality isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a promise. Our jerseys are designed to endure, ensuring they look as good in the last inning of the season as they did in the first. This commitment to excellence sets us apart and gives you one less thing to worry about.


Baseball Style Shirts Beyond the Diamond

Your baseball style shirt is a statement. It's not just for game day but any day. Celebrate your team spirit at events, gatherings, or even casual outings. It's a versatile piece that showcases your loyalty and style.

A full-button baseball style jersey gives anyone who wears it a professional look. You can even create a custom jersey with a more muted design and colours that are appropriate to wear off the diamond - even at the office!


Let's Get Started

Eager to bring your dream jersey to life? We're here to make it happen. Begin your custom jersey journey here. Together, we'll create something truly special.


Why TeamGear Canada?

Choosing TeamGear Canada means opting for unmatched quality, creativity, and dedication. Our team is committed to your satisfaction, ensuring every jersey we produce meets our high standards. Your trust is our badge of honor, and we wear it proudly.

Baseball jerseys made easy by TeamGear Canada



Join Our Team

By choosing TeamGear Canada, you're not just getting a jersey; you're joining a community. Follow us on social media and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Share your designs, stories, and love for the game. Together, we celebrate every pitch, hit, and home run.


Step Up Your Game

The future of baseball style shirts is bright, and at TeamGear Canada, we're always looking ahead. We're committed to innovation, quality, and, most importantly, your satisfaction. Ready to elevate your team's look? Let's hit a home run together!


Baseball Style Shirts FAQs

  • How long does it take to create and deliver a custom baseball shirt? Our typical turnaround is about 4 weeks. We focus on quality and precision, ensuring your jersey is perfect.
  • Can I design a jersey even if I don't have a specific idea in mind? Yes! Our design team excels at creating unique concepts from scratch. Share your vision, and we'll bring it to life.
  • What makes Dry Fit different from Premium Sport material? Dry Fit is designed for durability and comfort, making it our standard material. Premium Sport, on the other hand, is lighter and offers more stretch, providing an alternative for those seeking extra comfort.
  • Why choose full sublimation printing for my team's jerseys? Full sublimation ensures your design is vibrant and long-lasting. It's a printing technique that makes your jersey stand out, game after game.


Ready to Design Your Baseball Style Shirt?

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Design with us here and wear your team's spirit with pride.


At TeamGear Canada, we're more than just jersey providers; we're a part of your team.

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