Kevin Kiermaier Toronto Blue Jays

Kevin Kiermaier Takes Over Toronto: Blue Jays' Rising Star

The Toronto Blue Jays have always been known for their commitment to excellence on the field. In the 2023 season, they took a giant leap towards securing a spot at the top of the league by welcoming one of the most talented outfielders in the game - Kevin Kiermaier.

This acquisition not only bolstered their outfield but also brought a dynamic player with a strong track record to the roster. Let's dive into Kiermaier's exceptional season, his rise in the batting order, and that memorable night when he took the microphone after a game approaching the Post-season.


A Stellar Season for Kiermaier

Kevin Kiermaier, the Tampa Bay Rays' former outfield star, has had a remarkable season in 2023. His defensive prowess in the outfield is unparalleled, and he's brought that same level of excellence to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Kiermaier's ability to track down fly balls and make jaw-dropping catches have already made him a fan favourite in Toronto. He also has a rocket of an arm, but his contributions extend beyond his defensive skills.

Kiermaier's offensive game has also been great this season. He's been a force to be reckoned with at times in the lineup, contributing both with his bat and on the bases. His batting average has been impressive, and he's got incredible speed for a player of his age. 


This all-around performance has not only helped the Blue Jays in their quest for a championship but has also endeared Kiermaier to the fans.


Kevin Kiermaier Toronto Blue Jays


Rising Up the Batting Order

One of the notable developments in Kevin Kiermaier's journey with the Toronto Blue Jays is his progression through the batting order. He started the season as the ninth hitter in the lineup, but he’s been given a few opportunities to bat further up.

Kiermaier's adaptability and willingness to embrace different roles have been key to his success in the Blue Jays' lineup. It's a testament to his versatility and ability to thrive in pressure situations.


Rogers Centre Toronto Blue Jays


A Memorable Night on Sportsnet

On one unforgettable night during the 2023 season, Kevin Kiermaier showcased not just his skills on the field but also his charisma off it. After a thrilling extra-inning victory, Kiermaier took the microphone for a post-game speech on Sportsnet.

It was a heartfelt moment where he thanked the fans for their unwavering support and expressed his excitement to be a part of the Toronto Blue Jays family.


Watch the video of Kevin Kiermaier's emotional post-game speech on MLB.

This gesture endeared Kiermaier to both the fans and his teammates, showcasing his genuine appreciation for the opportunity to play for such a storied franchise.



Kevin Kiermaier's arrival in Toronto has been nothing short of a game-changer for the Blue Jays. His stellar season and memorable moments like his post-game speech on Sportsnet have solidified his place as a beloved figure in the team's history.

As the Blue Jays continue their quest for championship glory in the 2023 season, Kiermaier's sure to be a driving force behind their success.


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