Kick Up Some Laughs with these Funny Soccer Team Names

A clever, funny soccer team name can entertain fans, boost team spirit, and make your team unforgettable. Here are some hilarious soccer team names to inspire you and bring a smile to everyone's face.

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Our List of Funny Soccer Team Names

Goal Diggers

For those who never miss an opportunity to score.

Goal Diggers funny soccer team name jerseys


Net Busters

Breaking nets and breaking hearts.


The Grass Stains

Embrace the messiness of the game, and your shorts!


Kicking and Screaming

Perfect for a team with passion and a sense of humour.


Pique Blinders

A punny tribute to the popular TV show and a famous player, all in one name!


The Ball Busters

A playful nod to your aggressive play style.

Ball Busters funny team hoodies


Smells Like Team Spirit

Bring the spirit and a laugh.


Red Card Rejects

For the team that loves to push the limits.


No Punt Intended

Clever wordplay for a smart team.


Kickin’ Chickens

A fun and quirky name that captures the playful spirit of your team.


Footloose FC

Inspired by the classic dance movie, this name is ideal for a team that loves to keep things lively and energetic on the field. It’s all about having fun and staying agile out there!


Penalty Pros

A name that speaks to your team’s expertise in penalty situations.

Penalty Pros funny soccer Team Name jerseys


Tips for Choosing a Funny Team Name

  1. Know Your Audience: Make sure your humour resonates with your teammates and fans.
  2. Keep It Clean: Ensure your name is appropriate for all audiences.
  3. Stay Playful: Choose a name that reflects your team's fun and energetic spirit.
  4. Be Unique: Stand out with a name that’s original and memorable.


Benefits of a Funny Team Name

A funny team name not only boosts morale but also helps in creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It can also make your team more marketable and attractive to sponsors who appreciate a sense of humour.

Whether you prefer puns, playful wordplay, or something hilariously unexpected, a humorous name will keep your team in high spirits and leave a lasting impression. Brainstorm with your teammates and choose a name that will make everyone smile and cheer you on!

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