Level Up your Wrestling Singlet Design with Full Sublimation Printing

As a wrestler, you'll love designing a wrestling singlet with TeamGear Canada, to uniquely express your personal style. With TeamGear, it's easier than ever to design your wrestling singlet with a look that makes you stand out. Our tailored fit also ensures maximum comfort and confidence during matches, enhancing their performance.

Elevate your presence on the mat with a fully customized wrestling singlet. Thanks to the cutting-edge technique of full sublimation printing, your design options are infinite.

This technology breathes life into your design, allowing for limitless creativity that perfectly aligns with your wrestling persona. Full sublimation printing ensures your singlet embodies your theme with vibrant, long-lasting designs that never peel, crack or fade.

Ready to transform your wrestling singlet? Start your custom design journey with TeamGear Canada now.


Be Creative with Your Custom Wrestling Singlet

With full sublimation printing, there are no limits to your design options. This process infuses your design directly into the fabric, ensuring a high-quality finish that's both lightweight and breathable. Whether you're aiming for a design that's bold and intimidating or one that's sleek and inspiring, full sublimation makes it possible.

wrestling singlet design examples for inspiration

Your wrestling singlet can feature everything from dynamic patterns and vivid colours to detailed logos and personalized text, making it as unique as you are.


Your Wrestling Singlet: Where Durability Meets Style

The Advantage of Full Sublimation Printing

One of the standout benefits of full sublimation printing is the unmatched durability of the designs.

wrestling singlet with compression fabric

Traditional printing methods can't compete with how sublimation embeds the design into the singlet's fabric itself.

This means your wrestling gear is equipped to withstand the demands of the sport without losing its visual appeal. Your singlet will keep its bold colours and sharp details through countless matches and washes, ensuring you look your best in every match.


TeamGear Canada: Your Trusted Provider for Your Wrestling Singlet and Uniform

TeamGear Canada is dedicated to delivering top-tier wrestling singlets and uniforms that meet the specific needs of wrestlers. Our commitment to quality, combined with our passion for sports, makes us the ideal partner for creating your custom wrestling gear.

woof wrestling singlet with orange and black custom design

With full sublimation printing, we guarantee a singlet that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in both performance and style. Find your perfect fit by comparing your measurements to our size chart here.

Looking for a singlet that stands out? Design and buy your personalized wrestling singlet with TeamGear Canada here, and embrace the perfect fusion of durability and design.


Start Your Custom Design Today

Full sublimation printing is revolutionizing wrestling singlet designs, offering athletes the chance to wear gear that's as unique as their wrestling persona. By partnering with TeamGear Canada, you're choosing a provider that understands the importance of quality, comfort, and personal expression in sportswear. Let us help you make a bold statement on the mat that reflects your dedication, personality, and style.

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