Long Sleeve Baseball Shirts: Stay Warm On The Diamond

The crack of the bat, the cheer of the crowd, and the rush of the game can all feel a bit less exhilarating when you're shivering in the outfield. Enter the long sleeve baseball shirt, the unsung hero of early spring and late fall games.

Long sleeves are essentials that not only keep you warm but ensure your performance doesn't drop with the temperature.

Thinking about upgrading your baseball wardrobe? Start customizing your gear with TeamGear Canada here, and let's create something unique for you.


Why Choose A Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt?

Stay Warm, Play Strong

Imagine playing the ninth inning, bases loaded, and you're up to bat. The last thing you want is your muscles seizing up from the cold. A long sleeve baseball shirt is designed to keep your muscles warm and flexible, reducing the risk of injury and keeping your game at its peak, even when the temperature drops.

Long Sleeve Baseball Shirts with viking skull logo


The Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt: Versatility On and Off the Field

Beyond the diamond, these shirts serve a dual purpose. They're not just part of your uniform; they're a statement of your commitment to the sport. Wear them during practice, while coaching, or even as a casual statement of your love for the game. Their sleek design and comfortable fit make them a versatile addition to any athlete's wardrobe.


Express Your Team's Spirit

In the world of sports, unity and team spirit are as important as talent and practice. Customizing your long sleeve baseball shirt with team colours, logos, and numbers not only boosts team morale but also intimidates your opponents. TeamGear Canada offers endless customization options to ensure your team stands out, both in spirit and style.


The Benefits of TeamGear Canada's Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt

Superior Fabric Choices

Our selection of premium, moisture-wicking fabrics ensures that you stay dry and comfortable, even under pressure. These fabrics are designed to withstand the rigours of the game and the washing machine, ensuring your team looks sharp all season long.

Long Sleeve Baseball Shirts with dry-fit fabric, made in Canada


Advanced Printing Technology

Thanks to our state-of-the-art sublimation printing process, your team's logos and numbers won’t fade or peel. This means your shirt will continue to look as vibrant as your team's spirit, game after game.

Unlike vinyl and silkscreen printing, which are both prone to cracking and fading, full sublimation is truly built to last.


Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that baseball season waits for no one. That’s why we offer a quick, four-week turnaround time on custom orders. This ensures your team is ready to hit the field looking their best, without any delays.

Make sure you have your team roster ready to go before ordering to get your jerseys made and delivered in time for your season!


Designing Your Shirt

Taking a Long Sleeve Baseball Shirt From Concept to Reality

Whether you already have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life. We take pride in crafting shirts that are as unique as the teams that wear them, ensuring every detail is perfect.

final artwork panels for black and white Long Sleeve baseball shirts


The Ease of Customization

Our user-friendly design form makes customizing your long sleeve baseball shirts a breeze. Simply choose your colours, upload your logo, and let us know any specific details you want to include. We’ll handle the rest.


Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Not sure where to start? Our team of experts is always ready to guide you through the design process. We’re here to ensure your shirts exceed your expectations, from the initial concept to the final product.

If you have any questions along the way, just contact us here! We're always happy to help.



Long sleeve baseball shirts are more than just a way to stay warm; they're a vital part of your game and a symbol of your team's unity and spirit. With TeamGear Canada, you can customize shirts that not only look professional but also enhance performance and comfort. Ready to elevate your team's look and morale?

Let's design your long sleeve baseball shirts together. Begin your customization journey with TeamGear Canada here.

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