Need Custom Lacrosse Jerseys? We Make THE Best in Canada

In the fast-paced world of lacrosse, the jersey is more than just athletic wear; it's a symbol of team identity, unity, and pride. Custom lacrosse jerseys play a pivotal role in not only enhancing team spirit but also boosting player confidence on the field.

If you're looking to elevate your team's presence, it's time to consider custom jerseys. Start your design with the help of our expert team here.


Why Custom Lacrosse Jerseys Matter

Team Unity

Custom jerseys are a visual representation of unity. Wearing the same design, logo, and colours fosters a strong sense of belonging among players, crucial for teamwork and success on the field.

A well-designed lacrosse jersey makes your team instantly recognizable, helping to build a strong and memorable brand identity. It's not just about standing out during games but also creating a legacy that fans and opponents alike will remember.

lacrosse jerseys design mockup with name, number and team logo


Performance and Comfort

The right jersey does more than look good; it enhances performance. Modern fabrics offer moisture-wicking, breathability, and flexibility, allowing players to focus on the game without discomfort.

We have a few popular choices of fabric for lacrosse jerseys. Dry Fit is our standard material, and we also have a Premium Sport fabric for an added touch of class. Both are 100% polyester, with the premium fabric being a bit more lightweight and stretchy than the dry-fit.

If you tend to be rougher on your jerseys and sportswear, you can opt for out heavy durable knit fabric. This knit is specifically designed to withstand season after season of wear and tear, and maintain its shape throughout.

lacrosse jerseys fabric options, premium sport and dry-fit fabric


Designing Your Lacrosse Jerseys

Choosing the Right Material

Durability and comfort are key when selecting your jersey's fabric. Options like polyester blends provide the perfect balance of breathability and resilience against the rigours of the game.


Colour and Design

Selecting team colours and a design that reflects your team's spirit is crucial. Consider bold patterns or dynamic logos that embody your team's ethos, ensuring they resonate with players and fans alike.


Personalizing Your Lacrosse Jerseys

Adding personal touches like player names, numbers, and logos can significantly enhance the sense of team identity. This customization ensures each player feels valued and integral to the team.


The Process of Ordering Custom Lacrosse Jerseys

Consultation and Design Mockups

The journey to your perfect jersey begins with our simple design form, where your ideas and requirements are discussed. Expect to receive design mockups, allowing you to visualize the end product and make necessary adjustments.


Approval and Production

Once you're happy with the design, the production phase begins. This process can vary in length, so plan accordingly to ensure your jerseys arrive before the season starts.

custom lacrosse jerseys in production, made in Canada


Delivery to Your Door

After production, your custom jerseys will be delivered to your doorstep. Remember that proper care is essential for maintaining their appearance and longevity of your shirts.

You can find more information about how to care for your custom jerseys on our FAQ page. If you have any questions, contact us here!


Spotlight on Trending Designs for the Season

Latest Trends for Lacrosse Jerseys

This season's trends include vibrant colour blocks, sleek monochromes, and innovative patterns. Stay ahead of the game by choosing a design that's both contemporary and timeless.

For a truly unique look, consider incorporating elements that reflect your team's locale, mascot, or heritage. This level of customization ensures your jerseys are one-of-a-kind.

Do you need ideas or inspiration for your jerseys? Start by checking out our Design Gallery, and get inspired for your custom lacrosse shirt design.


How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your Lacrosse Jerseys

Quality and Reliability

Select a supplier known for quality and reliability. Durable materials and precision in manufacturing are non-negotiable for jerseys that look great and withstand the test of time.


Design Support

A supplier offering strong design support can make the difference between a good jersey and a great one. Look for a team that collaborates closely with you, ensuring your vision comes to life exactly as imagined.

TeamGear Canada logo showcasing our design abilities for custom lacrosse jerseys, sportswear and more


Customer Reviews and Portfolios

Before making your decision, explore the supplier's portfolio and read customer reviews. This insight can help you gauge their capability to meet your team's needs.

Choose a company you can trust, that has positive and honest reviews, like us at TeamGear Canada. Check out some of our testimonials on our homepage!


The Best Lacrosse Jerseys in Canada

Custom lacrosse jerseys are more than just team uniforms; they create unity with your whole team. As you consider upgrading your team's look, remember that the right jerseys can inspire confidence with the right designs.

Ready to bring your team's identity to life? Start designing your custom lacrosse jerseys with a trusted partner.

Begin your journey with TeamGear Canada here, and let's create something truly special for your team.

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