Personalized School Shirts For Spirit Day & More!

Elevating school spirit has never been easier or more creative than with TeamGear Canada's personalized school shirts. These shirts are perfect for Spirit Day, sports teams, gym classes, and any event where school pride is front and centre.

The beauty of customization with TeamGear Canada lies in the endless possibilities. From incorporating school mascots to sponsor logos, we help you create designs included in the cost of your jerseys. This approach allows schools to have different custom jerseys for each sport without incurring additional design fees.

Looking to boost your school spirit? Dive into customization with TeamGear Canada right away and make every school event a memorable one.

 school shirts for baseball with gradient blue and purple design


High Quality Custom School Shirts Made in Canada

Our service caters especially to creating eye-catching Spirit Day jerseys that embody school spirit. Imagine jerseys awash with your school colours, featuring everything from your mascot in action to designs with your school's motto.

These aren't just for show; they're wearable symbols of what your school stands for. Our shirts are designed to bring the student body together with vibrant colours and designs.

school shirts with vibrant orange and blue jersey designs

But the versatility of these jerseys goes beyond Spirit Day. They are engineered for reuse across various school activities, including sports events, gym classes, and tournaments. Their durability and design flexibility mean that students can proudly wear their school colours for multiple purposes.


Unleash Creativity and Spirit

  • Boundless Design Options: Your imagination is the only limit. Add any logo or design, from dynamic mascots to sponsor logos, ensuring each shirt uniquely represents your school.
  • Inclusive Design Pricing: With TeamGear Canada, the price you pay includes high-quality designs. This allows for a range of custom jerseys for every sport and event without extra costs.
  • Beyond Spirit Day: Design school shirts that not only elevate Spirit Day but also support your sports teams. They can also be used to enhance gym classes, and to stand out in tournaments with school branding and colours.
  • Collaborating Nationwide: Our collaboration with schools across Canada has honed our expertise in delivering custom sportswear.


school shirts with griffins team logo

Eager to unite your school community? Let's create and purchase your school shirts with TeamGear Canada here. Together, we can foster a stronger sense of community and pride.

The process of designing these shirts is not just about selecting colours or placing logos; it's about weaving your school's story into each garment.


Start Your School Shirts with TeamGear

Choosing TeamGear Canada for your school shirts means opting for the best that Canadian craftsmanship has to offer. Our personalized approach ensures that each shirt is a testament to your school pride.

Ideal for Spirit Day, sports events, and beyond, these shirts are designed to bring your community closer with every wear.

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