Safety Made Easy: Custom Running Shirts with Reflective Strips

Running safety should never be a second thought, especially for those early birds and night owls hitting the pavement. A custom running shirt with reflective strips offers a straightforward solution to a complex problem: staying visible.

At TeamGear Canada, you can add reflective striping to any custom jersey, jacket, hoodie or sweater!

Dive into designing your custom running shirt with TeamGear Canada here. Safety and style? We've got you covered.


Why Visibility Matters for Your Custom Running Shirt

The Early Runs and Late Sprints

For many of us, running fits into the cracks of our busy schedules—often before sunrise or after sunset. These are the times when visibility to others is crucial.

custom running shirt with hi vis reflective stripes

A significant number of outdoor exercise-related accidents involve poor visibility. Your defence? Bright and reflective gear.


The Reflective Solution

Reflective Strips for Your Custom Running Shirt

These strips catch the light, making you glow in the dark. Positioned in key movement areas, they alert everyone to your presence.

With TeamGear Canada, you can add reflective striping to any style of jersey, hoodie or jacket. You can even customize your own running pants with hi vis strips!


Choosing the Right Base Colour

A bright base colour enhances daytime visibility, while reflective strips take over at night. It's like having two shirts in one!

Canadian themed custom running shirt design in long sleeves style


Custom Options at TeamGear Canada

Tailored for Safety and Comfort

Our Dry Fit and Premium Sport fabrics are moisture-wicking and breathable. Perfect for any season, any time. Both are 100% polyester, with the premium fabric being a bit more lightweight and stretchy than the dry-fit.

custom running shirt fabrics from TeamGear Canada, Premium Sport and Dry-Fit fabric


Your Design, Your Safety

Match your top, or go bold with a colour that stands out. Add hi-vis strips to shine bright when it matters most.


Create Your Custom Running Shirt with TeamGear

Running isn't just about endurance; it's about smart preparation. Reflective gear, particularly custom running shirts designed for visibility, play a key role. They're not just gear; they're your on-the-go safety net.

With TeamGear Canada, you can create a shirt that keeps you seen, safe, and stylish. Because when you're easy to spot, you're hard to hit.

Start customizing your safe and stylish running shirt with TeamGear Canada here. Let’s light up your runs, safely.

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