Slam Dunk Humor: 20 Funny Basketball Team Names You’ll Love

Choosing a name for your basketball team can be fun, but challenging. The right name showcases your group's personality and humour. Whether you're looking for something clever, cheeky, or downright hilarious, the perfect name can set the tone for your team’s season.

Here is our list of 20 funny basketball team names sure to impress on and off the court.

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Our Top 20 Funny Basketball Team Names

1. Swish Kabobs

A clever play on words, this name is perfect for a team that loves to make smooth, swishing shots.


2. Hoops! I Did It Again

Inspired by a classic Britney Spears song, this name is ideal for a team that loves to score again and again.


3. Basket Brawlers

This name captures the intensity and toughness your team brings to every game.


4. Slam Drunk

A humorous twist on "slam dunk," perfect for a team that likes to have fun both on and off the court.


5. Alley-Oops

Celebrate those thrilling alley-oop plays with this fun and energetic team name.

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6. Court Jesters

For a team that loves to entertain and have fun while playing, this name fits perfectly.


7. Dunkin' Donuts

This name leaves plenty of room for other variations too, like The Dunkin’ Dodos, Dunkin’ Dribblers, and more!


8. Hoops There It Is

A catchy and fun name that plays on the popular phrase "Whoop! There It Is."


9. Swish Cheese

Highlight your team's knack for making those perfect swish shots with this clever name.

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10. Granny Shot Gang

Perfect for a team that embraces the unconventional and old-school shooting style.


11. Jump Shot Junkies

A great name for a team addicted to making those impressive jump shots.


12. Shot Clock Shockers

This name is ideal for a team that loves to surprise their opponents with last-second shots.


13. Hoop Hooligans

Or you can go with a more memorable name like “Hogan’s Hooligans.”


14. Backboard Breakers

For those teams that need to rely on the backboard to land their shots!

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15. Rim Rockers

Celebrate your team's love for powerful dunks and rim-shaking shots.


16. Rimshots

A fun and catchy name that highlights your team's skill at hitting those tough shots.


17. Slammy Whammies

A playful and energetic name for a team that loves to dunk and slam the ball.


18. Swish Sisters

Perfect for a female team that loves to make those perfect swish shots.


19. Mini Lakers

A nod to the famous NBA team, ideal for a team that looks up to the Lakers.

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20. The Rebounders

Celebrate your team's dominance on the boards with this fitting name.


A funny basketball team name can unite your team and add fun to each game. Choosing a name that reflects your team’s personality and spirit can make a big difference. Remember to make sure that your team name is not offensive to other players or fans!


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