TeamGear Canada: Your Partner in Quality School Sportswear

TeamGear Canada stands as a beacon in the realm of school sportswear. Every piece of athletic wear we create comes from our facilities in Canada.

This means your purchases support a dedicated small Canadian business. We craft our products using moisture-sicking dry-fit and Premium Sport fabrics. These materials ensure students remain cool and comfortable throughout the day. Not just on game days, but every day.

Such comfort makes our jerseys a favourite among students. Their friends and parents often wish to sport these jerseys in support!

Looking to elevate your school's sportswear? Kick off your design process with TeamGear Canada now.

School Sportswear with custom designs and sponsor logo


School Sportswear for All: Inclusive Sizing and Fit

Our range caters to every body type. We offer sizes for men, ladies, and kids. This ensures every student athlete, coach, and parent finds their fit. We also provide a wide selection of plus sizes for adults. This commitment guarantees comfort and style for everyone in your school community.


School Sportswear for all seasons made in Canada


Simplifying School Sportswear Orders

TeamGear Canada offers a unique solution for your school's uniform needs. You can establish a custom sportswear store right on our site. This service streamlines the ordering process.

Parents, students, and staff can easily purchase their items online, without your school having to keep up with order forms. Alternatively, we can integrate this store into your existing website. We manage all order specifics, simplifying the process for your school.


Personalization Comes Standard

Our full sublimation technique allows for bespoke custom designs at no extra cost. Every student athlete can feature their name and number on their jersey. This personal touch is included in the jersey's price. It enhances the sense of unity and pride within the team.

Inspired to showcase your school spirit? Start creating your school sportswear with TeamGear Canada here.

customize your school sportswear to stand out on the field



Start Designing with TeamGear Canada

Choosing TeamGear Canada means opting for unmatched quality in school sportswear. It signifies supporting a local business while ensuring everyone enjoys a perfect fit.

Our ordering system is efficient, and we offer personalization at no additional charge. Let TeamGear Canada help your school's spirit come alive through our custom sportswear.

Order with TeamGear Canada for exceptional custom school sportswear. Benefit from our quality Canadian craftsmanship, inclusive sizing, and comprehensive customization.

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