9 Catchiest Names for Your Fishing Team jerseys custom made in Canada

The 9 Catchiest Names for Your Fishing Team

Having a unique fishing team name can be the difference between being just another team, and a team that stands out. Fishing is a beloved pastime among anglers and a great way to bond with family and friends.


Fishing teams can provide a little healthy competition while taking people away from the stresses of everyday life. When it comes to competition, you want a good team name that portrays your team's personality and style, and that gets people excited.


Check out our suggestions below to get some ideas for your team name. We’ve listed the top 9 “catchiest” fishing team names, pardon the pun!



1. The Codfathers


2. The Fin-tastic Four

  • Named after the classic Marvel squad.


3. Get Fish or Die Tryin’


4. Lure Lore


5. Reel Crazy


6. Hooked on a Feeling

  • Remember this good old tune?


7. Fish N Ships

  • If you’re not lucky enough to catch anything, you can just go for fish and chips after.


8. Wave Makers

  • This is a great name for fishing teams who are typically out on the water. If you’re more of a land fisher, you could go with a name like The Shore Sharks.


9. Lake of Legends



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