The Pros (And Cons) of Locally Made Custom Jerseys. local custom jerseys for slo-pitch, hockey, softball, dodgeball, volleyball and more.

The Pros (And Cons) of Locally Made Custom Jerseys

As a coach, team coordinator, or player, you want to make sure that your team is wearing uniforms that fit them, look great, and are made of quality materials. If you are considering buying custom sports jerseys for your team, you can either place an order with a company that produces them overseas or locally. While it may seem like the choice between the two options is clear cut, there are benefits and drawbacks to each one.


The following list of questions will help you understand what's involved in making this decision to order custom jerseys for your team. Keep reading below to see the real pros and cons of locally made custom jerseys, compared to overseas suppliers.


Questions to Ask Before Ordering Custom Jerseys

  • Price: Is the price fair and in-line with other suppliers within the market?
  • Quality: Are the jerseys made with high quality designs on materials that will last?
  • Fit: Will they follow standard sizing so that your jerseys fit as expected?
  • Shipping: Are you paying localized shipping prices? Do they offer free pickup?


The Pros and Cons List


Pro: Locally Made Custom Jerseys Fit True to your Actual Size

One of the benefits of ordering locally is that you don’t have to worry about size. Unlike many overseas suppliers that do not use standard North American sizes, we base our sizing on your actual measurements. This way, you know exactly what size will fit you before you make your purchase. Overseas suppliers often have smaller sizes, require you to choose a size 3 to 5 times larger than normal! With a local supplier, you order a large and it fits like a large.


For a standard straight cut jersey, refer to the adult size chart. For a slimmer, fitted cut refer to the ladies size chart on the same page.


Our locally made custom jerseys are fitted to your true size so there’s no guessing. By ordering a jersey fully customized for the specific sport, team & player, your uniforms are guaranteed to be more stylish and comfortable than any other option out there.



Con: You Cannot Make Changes to Your Custom Jerseys Once Approved

This goes without saying, but custom jerseys are fully customized for each order. Although this is a huge plus when it comes to designing your jerseys, the downside is that once you’ve finalized, there’s no going back. This is true with any clothing supplier, especially if the products are custom embroidery, full sublimation or custom cut & sewn patterns.

Full sublimation has a lot of benefits, however, there are also a few things to consider before making the leap. You can't make changes once your jerseys are approved, so make sure you love your custom design and logo, and that you’ve selected the right size and fit for your jerseys.


If you’re hesitant about placing a full order, you can order a single sample for yourself to ensure the quality and design meets or exceeds your expectations.


Once you're satisfied with what you've designed for yourself and don't foresee any sizing problems arising later down the line, then you’re ready to order full sublimation custom jerseys for you and your team!



Pro: Pay Local Shipping Prices with No Minimum Order Quantity

We offer no minimum order quantity to all customers, so you only pay for what you need. No minimum order quantity means you can buy as little as one item for yourself and not have to pay the difference with high shipping costs.

When you choose locally made custom jerseys, you also save tons on shipping. International shipping costs are usually as much or more than the cost of your item. In contrast, buying and shipping locally guarantees that you are paying the lowest possible price for your items and the cost of shipping. If you shop local, there is often a free pickup option available for your items, meaning you can pickup your jerseys as soon as they’re done.

Locally made custom jerseys also have the added benefit of no hidden fees. This point is especially important for those who have ordered jerseys from overseas before and had to pay an extra fee to cover importation costs or other unexpected taxes and duties. Locally made jerseys don't have this problem!



Con: Prices May Seem Higher

While locally made custom jerseys may seem more expensive than their overseas counterparts, you’re paying for the added value of supporting local businesses. The higher price tag can be worth it if you’re interested in finding a unique jersey that no one else will have at your next game day event.

The custom clothing business is constantly changing, and that includes costs. Prices can fluctuate, but that happens with any supplier for jerseys, whether they are being truthful about it or not. We believe in being honest with our customers about pricing, and always guarantee the BEST possible price in the sublimation market.



Pro: A Design Team that Understands your Needs

Our design team will work with you to get the design just right, ensuring that your custom jersey not only has the perfect logo and font but also fits comfortably on each player.

Whether you have a design concept in mind, or just a colour scheme, a professional design team like ours will have an eye for detail and ensure your patterns are perfect, from mockup to final production. All of your designs need to be custom vectored so that they come out crisp, accurate and clean every time - no matter how detailed your logo is.

Communication is key to designing the perfect jerseys. When you choose to buy locally made custom jerseys, you’ll be able to communicate with someone who understands your design ideas and can execute them perfectly, every time.


Con: Unlimited Design Options Allow Everyone on Your Team to Have a Say

The best part about going with a local supplier for your custom jerseys is the endless variety of options they’ll offer. However, this can also be a potential downside when it comes to designing a jersey your whole team will love. If you have a team of 10 people, everyone is going to have different ideas about what they want their jersey to look like and how it should be designed.

In this case, it might actually be better for your whole team to agree on one simple design, or 2 versions of the same design for Home & Away jerseys!




While we want to help you make an informed decision about whether or not locally made custom jerseys are right for you, there is no one-size fits all answer. The only way to know for sure if locally made custom jerseys are right for your team is by testing it out. If possible, consider ordering a small batch of jerseys or just one sample to make sure you’re satisfied with the quality, sizing, and design of your custom jersey.

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