Varsity Jackets: Your Ultimate Guide to Team Spirit and Style

Welcome to TeamGear Canada, where we specialize in crafting custom varsity jackets that perfectly blend team spirit and individual style. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of designing your own varsity jacket, from selecting fabrics to adding personalized details.

Get ready to make a statement on and off the field with TeamGear Canada's premium sportswear.

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Designing Your Dream Jacket: Tips and Tricks

Transform your varsity jacket dreams into reality with these expert tips!

Varsity Jackets


  • Incorporate your school logo on the chest for a classic letterman look.

  • Personalize the opposite side with your name in cursive script for added flair.

  • Customize the back of your jacket with numbers and additional design elements at no extra cost.

  • Showcase sponsor logos on the sleeves, bottom front or back, or anywhere else you desire.

  • With our full sublimation printing, you can customize every inch of your jacket, including the collar, cuffs, waistband, and even the hood for hoodie options.

Varsity Jackets made by TeamGear Canada



Unique Ways to Customize Your Varsity Jackets

Customizing varsity jackets with full sublimation printing opens up a world of creative possibilities. Since full sublimation printing allows for full customization, you can even include photographs, gradients and other photo-realistic elements in your designs.

  1. Team Logo and Mascot: Feature your team's logo and mascot prominently on the back of the jacket for a bold statement of team pride.
  2. Player Names and Numbers: Include the names and numbers of team members on the sleeves or back of the jacket to personalize each one for the players.
  3. Team Motto or Slogan: Add a motivational team motto or slogan on the front or back of the jacket to inspire and unify the team.
  4. Team Colours and Patterns: Use your team's colours and incorporate them into the design through patterns, stripes, or colour-blocking for a cohesive and recognizable look.
  5. Sport-specific Graphics: Incorporate graphics specific to your sport, like equipment, a sports ball, or action shots to highlight the sport.
  6. Achievement Badges or Patches: Include printed badges or logos to commemorate achievements such as championships, tournament wins, or individual awards.
  7. Player Photos or Portraits: Add photos or portraits of team members in action or posed shots to celebrate the players and their dedication to the sport.
  8. Personalized Details: Offer customization options for players to add their own personal touches such as initials, nicknames, or special messages.
  9. Coach and Staff Jackets: Don't forget about the coaching staff! Create customized jackets for coaches and staff members with personalized details and designs.

By incorporating these ideas, you can create unique and personalized varsity jackets for your whole team.


Crafting The Perfect Varsity Jackets: Fabric Options

Choose from our premium fabric options to suit your style and performance needs:

Varsity Jackets fabric

  • Savannah: Lightweight and windbreaker fabric for sleek, athletic style.



water-resistant varsity jackets

  • Water-Resistant Fleece Lined: Stay warm and dry with our water-resistant fleece-lined fabric, perfect for cooler climates.


Ready to Design Your Own?

Start designing your custom varsity jacket today with TeamGear Canada and unleash your team's full potential.

Get started on your designs now and elevate your team's style with personalized varsity jackets that stand out from the crowd.

With TeamGear Canada's dedication to quality Canadian craftsmanship and unparalleled customization options, your team will stand out on and off the field.

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