What Equipment Do I Need to Play Dodgeball? What do I need to play dodgeball? dodgeball gloves, dodgeball uniform, dodgeball shorts, dodgeball jersey, custom jerseys

What Equipment Do I Need to Play Dodgeball?

While the game of dodgeball is simple, there are some pieces of equipment that will help you have a better experience. Though not required, these items can make the game more fun and safe. Get prepared for game day with our Dodgeball Equipment Starter Kit.



Dodgeball Equipment Starter Kit


1. Non-Marking Shoes

  • Non-streaking or non-marking shoes are essential for playing dodgeball indoors so you don’t leave black marks all over the gym floor after each game.


2. Gloves

  • Especially important for young kids or adults with smaller hands. Dodgeball balls are on the larger side, so you want to make sure you have a full grip on the ball at all times to improve your catching and throwing accuracy.

design custom dodgeball gloves for your team

Get started designing your own custom dodgeball gloves.


3. Dodgeball Jerseys & Shorts

  • Many dodgeball leagues require matching jerseys. Check the requirements in your league, and consider sublimation custom dodgeball jerseys and dodgeball shorts if a team uniform is required.
  • Since dodgeball is typically played in an indoor gym, we recommend shorts. You’ll have full range of motion and stay cool during the game. Bring an extra layer or some pants for after the game if you’re playing in cold weather, so you’re not cold walking back to your car on the way out.
custom dodgeball shorts


4. Knee & Shin Pads

  • If you love being competitive in dodgeball, it’s a good idea to invest in some knee pads and shin pads to protect your legs when you’re diving for a ball. Knee pads and shin pads can be worn underneath or over top of your clothing.


5. Headband

  • A headband may be something to consider if you plan on playing in a dodgeball league throughout the year. Wearing a headband will keep the sweat out of your eyes so you can stay competitive and focused on the game. Customize your own headband for a fully unique look.

design your own custom headband, sweatband or buff




The equipment you need for dodgeball is minimal, so it doesn’t cost much to start playing. We recommend starting with non-slip shoes, sport gloves, knee and shin pads, and a comfortable uniform. Beyond that, there aren't many major costs. You can play dodgeball without too much extra equipment, which makes it fun for pretty much anyone in the family.

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