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What Equipment do I Need to Play Handball?

Handball is a fast-paced team sport that is played on a court with two teams of seven players each. Each team tries to throw a small ball into the opposing team's goal. The goal is defended by a goalie and the offensive team players try to score by throwing the ball into the goal from various positions on the court. The game is played with a special handball, which can be caught with one hand, thrown with the other, and dribbled or bounced off the floor.


Are you new to the sport and wondering how to play handball? Familiarize yourself with the rules of handball.


There are a few pieces of equipment that are highly recommended for handball players, like gloves and proper uniforms. Some other essentials that help provide comfort and give you the ability to perform at your best can include knee and shin pads, a sports bra, and a headband to keep the sweat out of your eyes.


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1. Knee & shin pads

Knee pads and shin pads are an important piece of equipment in handball. The padding helps to protect your legs if a ball is accidentally thrown at you, or if you fall. Knee and shin pads also provide extra cushioning when you are diving for the ball, helping to reduce the impact on your joints. Both are important for protecting the areas from potential injuries that can occur in a high-contact sport like handball.



2. Gloves

What Equipment do I Need to Play Handball? Custom gloves for handball

Sports gloves are very important in handball because they provide essential protection and cushioning to your hands, wrists and fingers. They also help players maintain a strong grip on the ball and give them better control while passing, throwing and shooting.

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3. Team Uniforms

custom full sublimation handball uniforms

Having a uniform for your team helps to create an overall sense of unity and pride in the team. It also allows your team to stand out from the other teams at tournaments and events.

Wearing the same uniform also helps to quickly identify which players are on your team and which players are on the opposing team when things are getting intense on the field.

The type of uniform worn will vary depending on where you’re playing. For outdoor handball courts, it’s best to wear shorts and a t-shirt or similar clothing. Indoor handball courts typically require more specialized sports apparel, such as jerseys and sports tights, or championship jerseys if you’re playing in a special event.

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4. Running shoes or Cleats

Running shoes are designed for comfort, cushioning, and shock absorption, whereas cleats are designed for stability and grip on a variety of surfaces. Generally speaking, if you’re playing outdoors then you should opt for cleats, and if you’re playing indoors then running shoes are a better option.

When playing in an indoor gym, make sure to choose shoes that have non-marking soles.




5. Protective eyewear or goggles

Protective eyewear is important in handball because the game moves at a rapid pace, and there’s always the unfortunate possibility that it could hit someone in the face. Protective eyewear, or goggles, will help protect your eyes from any potential injuries during play.

Protective prescription eyewear is also available if you need prescription lenses to see clearly on the field.

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