What Equipment Do I Need to Play softball? What do I need to play baseball? softball gloves, baseball uniform, softball shorts, softball jersey, custom jerseys for softball

What Equipment do I Need to Play Softball?

Whether you’re interested in playing softball, slo-pitch or baseball, it’s important to have the right equipment. Softball can be recreational, competitive and professional. It's a great way to keep fit and have fun with friends. No matter your skill level, there are leagues for everyone—from your local co-ed team to amateur men’s and woman’s teams.


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Softball Equipment Starter Kit


1. Cleats

  • Cleats are designed specifically for softball and allow players to move quickly around the field without slipping on grass or dirt infields. These cleats typically have metal spikes for baseball and rubber spikes for softball and slo-pitch.


2. Batting Gloves

  • Batting gloves help keep your hands warm as you run up to the plate for your at-bat. Batting gloves come in all different colours and patterns so there’s something for everyone. You can even create your own custom batting gloves. Pictured below are the batting gloves that we offered for a limited time at TeamGear Canada!

custom batting gloves for softball, slo-pitch and baseball


3. Softball Jerseys & Softball Pants

  • Many softball, baseball and slo-pitch leagues require matching jerseys. Check the requirements in your league, and consider sublimation custom softball jerseys and custom softball pants if a team uniform is required.
  • Sports bras are also essential when playing softball, slo-pitch or baseball. Stay dry and comfortable for each game with a fitted, custom sports bra.


4. Helmet or Infielder Mask

  • Helmets are required in baseball, but not for slo-pitch. It’s a good idea for new slo-pitch players to wear a helmet while batting and running the bases to protect from injury.
  • If you are playing in the infield, we highly recommend you get a mask. Infield masks are adjustable and can be used for any infield position. Pitchers masks may be mandatory in some leagues as well.


5. Bat

  • If you're just starting out as an adult player, then we recommend a mid-range bat that's durable yet responsive enough for you to feel comfortable using it right away.


6. Glove or Mitt

  • A glove is an important piece of equipment for any softball or baseball player, including those who pitch. A good glove will protect your hand against hard hits and throws, while still allowing you to grip the ball properly during play. Design your own custom baseball glove for a fully unique look on the diamond.

custom baseball glove for infield and outfield




The basic equipment you need for softball, baseball or slo-pitch includes a bat, glove, cleats, matching jerseys and softball pants. We also highly recommend using a helmet or infielders mask to protect yourself and play safe. Invest in quality gear and team uniforms so your equipment will last for years.

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