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What Equipment do I Need to Play Volleyball?

Anyone who’s played volleyball knows that it can get pretty intense and competitive. That’s why it’s important to always remember to play safely and respectfully and always wear your safety gear whenever you’re on the court or field.


While you don’t need much equipment to play this fantastic game, there are some things you should definitely think about purchasing, whether it’s your first time out or you’re an experienced player who wants to take things up a notch with more advanced pieces of equipment.



Volleyball Equipment Starter Kit


1. Non-Marking Shoes

  • Non-streaking or non-marking shoes are essential for playing volleyball indoors so you don’t leave black marks all over the gym floor after each game.


2. Elbow Pads

  • Elbow pads are also mandatory for indoor play, especially if you want to avoid getting hurt during a game. Elbow guards will help protect your elbows from scrapes and cuts when diving on the ground for a ball or when someone accidentally bumps into you during play.


3. Volleyball Jerseys & Shorts

  • Many volleyball leagues require matching jerseys, typically with numbers on front and back. Check the requirements for your league, and consider sublimation custom volleyball jerseys and volleyball shorts if a team uniform is required.
  • Volleyball is usually played in an indoor gym, or at the beach, so we recommend shorts or booty shorts. This way, you’ll have full range of motion and stay cool during the game.


4. Knee & Shin Pads


5. Headband

  • A headband may be something to consider if you plan on playing in a volleyball league throughout the year, especially in warm weather. Using a headband will keep the sweat out of your eyes so you can stay competitive and focused on the game. Customize your own headband for a stylish look on the court.




If you are interested in playing volleyball, you are probably wondering what equipment is needed. You will need a court, balls and the right clothing. We highly recommend getting knee pads, shin pads and elbow pads for extra protection during the game. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of equipment to play volleyball, and you can play anywhere with a net, from the beach to the schoolyard.

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