What is the Best Time of Year to Order Custom Archery Jerseys?

Ordering custom archery jerseys requires timing, especially if you want them ready for the outdoor season or hunting. Here's how to plan your orders for the year.

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Planning for Outdoor Archery

The best time to order jerseys for outdoor archery is by January or February. This ensures you have them in hand before the weather warms up, perfect for outdoor wearing. Early ordering also allows ample time for design tweaks and approvals.

 custom archery jerseys with hunting theme


Custom Archery Jerseys for Hunting Season

If you're gearing up for hunting, aim to order by late August or early September. This timing is just before hunting season kicks off. For specific hunting season dates in Ontario, check here.


Aligning with Events and Competitions

Your archery jersey order timeline should also consider any events or competitions throughout the year. Start designing a few months before these dates to allow for revisions and club feedback.

custom archery jerseys for competitions in Canada


Unsure of Your Custom Archery Jerseys Deadline?

If you're unsure about timelines, reach out to TeamGear Canada here. We can help estimate your deadlines and assist with rush orders if needed.


Feedback and Approvals

Leave time to gather feedback from club members and get approvals for sponsor logos. This ensures your jerseys meet everyone's expectations.


Ordering Samples

For larger orders, consider requesting samples, especially if you're uncertain about sizing or fabric options. Samples provide a solid reference point before committing to the full order.

Canadian made custom archery jerseys

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Start Designing Your Custom Archery Jerseys with TeamGear

Ordering custom archery jerseys with optimal timing ensures you're prepared for any season. Whether it's for competitive events or hunting, planning ahead makes all the difference. TeamGear Canada is here to guide you through every step, from design to delivery.

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