The best time of year to order custom softball jerseys with names is 6-8 weeks before baseball season starts

What is the Best Time of Year to Order Custom Baseball Jerseys?

Timing is crucial in ordering custom baseball jerseys or softball jerseys to ensure that the jerseys are ready by the time baseball season starts.

The best time of year to order custom baseball jerseys is around 1-2 months before your season starts.

The production time for custom jerseys can take up to 4 weeks or more, depending on the complexity of the design and the quantity of jerseys needed. Therefore, it is important to start planning early to avoid any last-minute rush and the extra fees that can come from a rush order.

If you have a custom design already, and you want to reorder some new jerseys you'll save some time on finalizing your design. If you're going for a new look this season though, you may want to allow an extra week or so to work on getting your designs just right. Get started on your own jerseys designs today to get ahead of the summer rush!


The best time to order custom baseball jerseys would be well before the start of the baseball season to ensure that they are ready in time for the first game. It's recommended to place your order at least 6-8 weeks in advance of when you need them to allow for production and shipping time.

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If you leave adequate time to plan, design, and produce your jerseys you can be sure that the process will be smooth and that your custom jerseys will come out perfect.

This blog post will highlight the best time to order custom baseball jerseys and the factors to consider in timing the order. We will also provide tips for ensuring a smooth order process, so whether you’re looking for slo pitch jersey with team names or button-down baseball jerseys we’ve got you covered.


Benefits of Ordering Custom Baseball Jerseys Early

Availability of stock and materials

Ordering custom baseball jerseys early allows you to get the jerseys you’re dreaming of well before your season starts. By checking in early with your supplier, you can ensure that all of your customization requests are met, and that your jerseys are made with the materials you prefer.

Baseball season is one of the busiest times of year to order custom jerseys, so having your designs done early can help you sneak ahead of the rush and get your jerseys done in plenty of time for your upcoming tournaments.

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Time to customize and save on production cost

Ordering custom baseball jerseys early gives you plenty of time to customize them just the way you want, and can also save you money. Suppliers may offer discounts for bulk orders, and many will charge extra for rush orders. By planning ahead you can save yourself money on high-quality softball jerseys made in Canada.

Rushing an order may result in additional rush fees, which can increase the overall cost of your jerseys. Custom baseball jerseys can be expensive, especially for larger orders. Make sure to budget accordingly and consider any potential cost savings, such as bulk order discounts.


Stress-free process

Ordering custom baseball jerseys early can help reduce stress and anxiety associated with the order process. By giving yourself ample time, you won’t have to worry about having to make several changes to your artwork or roster of sizes.

Having time to plan means you can pre-plan your designs until you’ve come up with something that your whole team loves. During this time you’ll also be able to finalize your roster so you can send a completed list of sizes to your custom jersey maker and reduce the room for errors on your final order.


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Design jerseys your whole team will love

Getting feedback from your team is important when designing custom baseball jerseys. This will help ensure that the jerseys meet everyone’s needs and preferences. It will also help build team spirit and pride in wearing the jerseys, which is one of the main benefits of custom jerseys.

You’ll have enough time to get everyone’s opinion on the jersey design so that you can try your best as a coach to create custom jerseys that your whole team will love.



Factors to Consider in Timing the Order of Custom Baseball Jerseys

Company lead times and production schedules

Different suppliers may have different lead times and production schedules. It is important to research and understand the company's production time and delivery time to ensure that the jerseys will be ready for use during the baseball season. If you’re unsure, just ask what their typical turnaround time is and they will give you a date range to keep in mind for when you’re ordering your jerseys.


Quantity and Complexity of your jerseys

The quantity of jerseys needed can also affect the production time. Larger orders may require more time to produce compared to smaller orders, and require more artwork changes if your sizes vary per teammate.

The complexity of the customization can also affect the production time. For example, adding additional logos or graphics to the design may require more time to produce compared to a simpler design.


Shipping and delivery time

Shipping and delivery time should also be considered when timing the order of custom baseball jerseys. Make sure to factor in the shipping time when placing the order to ensure that the jerseys arrive on time. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks sometimes, especially if you have a larger order that may be separated into different boxes.



Recommended Timeline for Ordering Custom Baseball Jerseys

It is recommended to start designing and ordering your custom baseball jerseys 6-8 weeks before the start of your season. This allows enough time for customization, production, and delivery and provides a buffer in case of any unexpected delays.

In addition to the start of the baseball season, there are other key dates to consider when ordering custom baseball jerseys. League registration deadlines and tournament schedules should also be factored in to ensure that the jerseys are ready for use during these events.

If your league has any guidelines in place for the style, designs or slo pitch team names on your jerseys, you’ll want to make sure you have those clearly detailed for your custom jersey maker so that they can have the designs done correctly. Planning your summer baseball league logo & jerseys ahead of time can save you tons of stress before your upcoming season.

Starting the process early is the key to a successful custom baseball jersey order. Make sure to give yourself enough time to perfect your designs so that you and your whole team will love the look of your jerseys.


Whether you’re looking for custom baseball and slo pitch jerseys with team names or button-down baseball jerseys with just numbers on the back, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear idea in mind for your designs ahead of time. Get your custom slo pitch jersey design started today!

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