What is the Best Time of Year to Order Custom Hockey Jerseys?

As the excitement for the upcoming hockey season builds, one critical task for teams at all levels is ensuring they all have matching jerseys.

So when is the best time to order your custom hockey jerseys and gear? The answer requires a bit of planning and foresight.

You'll want to have your custom hockey jerseys ready for the first puck drop in October. With a typical 4 week turnaround like we have at TeamGear Canada, that means you are best to start planning in August. That way you have your artwork ready to go, and can finalize your team roster in plenty of time before hockey season starts.

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custom hockey jerseys with joker inspired designs and team logo


Planning Ahead

Given that the hockey season usually begins in October, the optimal time to order your custom jerseys is at least 5-6 weeks in advance. TeamGear Canada's turnaround time is 4 weeks, which allows ample time for production but also emphasizes the importance of starting the process early. This lead time is crucial not only for manufacturing but also for your planning steps.

How Long Does A Custom Jersey Take? Typically 4 to 5 weeks with fully customizable full sublimation printing


Custom Hockey Jerseys Design and Colour Selection

One significant reason to start early is the selection of the right designs and colours for your team. This stage should not be rushed, as the jerseys play a pivotal role in team identity and spirit. Beginning the design process well in advance ensures that there is enough time for revisions and that everyone on the team is satisfied with the final design.

mighty ducks inspired custom hockey jerseys design

After all, these jerseys are more than just apparel; they symbolize unity, pride, and the spirit of competition.


Roster Finalization

Another critical aspect of the ordering process is gathering your player roster, including sizes, names, and numbers. This step can be more time-consuming than anticipated, as it involves coordinating with each player to ensure accuracy. Starting early provides the buffer needed to collect this information without the stress of looming deadlines, ensuring that every jersey perfectly fits its player.

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custom hockey jerseys branded for Game on Mobile


Ready to Order Your Custom Hockey Jerseys?

The best time to order custom hockey jerseys is well before the season's start, ideally 5-6 weeks in advance. This timeline allows for a thoughtful design process, ensures all team members are happy with the jersey's look, and provides ample time for the collection of detailed roster information.

By planning ahead and partnering with TeamGear Canada, your team can enjoy a seamless transition into the hockey season. We'll make sure your team is equipped with custom hockey jerseys that capture your team spirit, well before your season starts.

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