Why is a Quarter Zip Baseball Shirt a Good Choice?

A quarter zip baseball shirt is a stylish, versatile choice for players and fans. They blend the ease of a pullover with a zippered neck for comfort and functionality. TeamGear Canada offers high-quality, customizable options to meet everyone's needs.

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Versatile and Comfortable

The quarter zip's main advantage is its versatility. It's ideal for various weather conditions. Wear it alone on mild days or under a jacket when it's colder. The zippered neck helps regulate temperature, perfect for shifting between outdoors and indoors.

Quarter Zip Baseball Shirt with red and black custom designs


Is a Quarter Zip Baseball Shirt Practical?

Yes, especially for training and warm-ups. The zip feature lets you adjust for warmth or coolness easily. However, it might be less suitable for games. The temptation to fiddle with the zipper can be a distraction.

For those considering a quarter zip as an outer layer, a batting jacket is a smart option. You can wear it to stay warm during practice, and easily take it off before the game starts.

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Enhanced Mobility

These shirts feature stretchable fabrics that enhance mobility. They're designed for comfort during all-day wear. Whether on the field or cheering from the sidelines, these shirts won't restrict movement.

Quarter Zip Baseball Shirt with brushed paint design

With a quarter zip baseball shirt, you also have the option of fully zipping or unzipping your jersey to get an extra breeze. If you're feeling restricted by your jersey in the heat of an intense game, it can be helpful to have the bit of extra wiggle room that a quarter zip shirt provides.


Customizable Style

TeamGear Canada lets you customize your quarter zip shirt. Match it with your team's colours and logos. Whether you want a professional look or something bold, we can help.

Quarter Zip Baseball Shirt with band collar neck style


Our Quarter Zip Baseball Shirts Are Durable & Built to Last

Our quarter zip shirts are made to last. They can endure the game's demands and frequent washing. The quarter zip design also means less wear and tear.

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A quarter zip baseball shirt is a smart pick for its style, comfort, and functionality. It's perfect for pre-game warmth and style off the field. With TeamGear Canada, customize your shirt to reflect your team's identity.

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