10 Spooky Team Names for a Halloween Baseball, softball or slo-pitch Tournament

10 Spooktastic Team Names for a Halloween Tournament

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to play in a baseball, softball or slo-pitch tournament. Teams will often even dress up for Halloween tournaments and play just for the fun of it, plus it’s the perfect excuse to eat candy all night and feel just like a kid again!


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To make things even more fun, you can put a Halloween spin on your usual team name, or choose a completely different one. We’ve included a list below of some of the spookiest and most creative Halloween team names to get your team ready for the Spooky Season.



1. The Pumpkin Kings


2. Boos on the Bases

  • Using the word Boos in your Halloween team name leaves plenty of room for creative puns, like the Boos and Brews, or the Boos Crew.


3. Witch Pitch


4. Monster Mashers


5. Phantom Pitchers

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6. Ghouls' Night Out

  • The perfect Halloween themed team name for a Ladies tournament in October!


7. Ghost Busters


8. The Boo-tang Clan


9. Hocus Pocus Hitters


10. Goblins of the Grand Slam



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