8 funny fall ball team names for softball, slo pitch and baseball players and their custom jerseys

Fall into Fun with These 8 Hilarious Fall Ball Team Names

If you’ve ever played fall ball, you know that it can be very challenging, but it’s all worthwhile because you get to extend your slo-pitch season and practice your skills before the winter.


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Picking the perfect team name can make all the difference when it comes to team motivation and camaraderie, so we’ve listed some hilarious fall ball team names below to keep your team’s spirits high, even when you’re playing in the mud!



1. Wet Sox

  • The perfect team name for those who are so enthusiastic about playing in the fall weather that they don't mind getting their socks wet!


2. Wool Sox

  • This one is a variation of the name above, but it gets the same idea across - keep your feet warm and dry out there!


3. Soup-A-Stars

  • As in, you’re going to need a big bowl of soup to warm yourself up after playing Fall Ball.


4. Pitch or Treat

  • This is also the perfect team name for any Halloween Tournaments you play in.


5. No one sits

  • If you’ve ever played fall ball, you know it’s all about picking up some free agents for your team so that everyone gets a chance to play their hearts out before winter. This team name says it all, No one Sits when you have just enough players!


6. Yard Waste Warriors

  • The Warriors is always a popular team name, with plenty of variations out there, and with the falling leaves that Autumn brings, the Yard Waste Warriors is a perfect fit.


7. Puddle Jumpers

  • For the outfielders - don’t forget to wear your boots! You may want to invest in brown baseball pants or softball pants as well, so the mud blends in.


8. The Slush Puppies

  • If it’s not too cold out, you can get slushies after the game to celebrate your team’s namesake.



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