10 tips for making your custom sublimated jerseys

10 Tips For Getting Your Custom Jersey Made EXACTLY the Way You Want It

Sports are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. They’re also a huge business. Companies spend billions each year to advertise their products and services, and sports are a big part of that advertising. That’s why it’s not surprising that sports jerseys have become so popular as well.


If you play any team sport, you know that it’s important to look as good as you feel while playing. Sports jerseys give teams their identity and can help build loyalty among your fans and players. And if you want to get your hands on some new sports jerseys for your team, then read this guide first!

Want to get started on your design right away? Let us know your ideas here, and our team will get to work!


1. Understanding Custom Jerseys

A custom jersey can take your team uniforms to the next level. All of our custom jerseys are made of breathable fabric that help to keep you cool and comfortable for the whole day.

Since full sublimation printed jerseys are fully custom, you can add any type of design elements you’d like printed on the shirt - including your team’s name or logo, as well as the player’s name and number. There are no limitations.


2. Consider your options

When ordering custom jerseys, there’s a few options to consider. The most popular types of customizable jerseys are full sublimation, spot sublimation, or even vinyl printing in a pinch.

  • Full sublimation is when the entire jersey is printed with your design. Sublimation is the most popular option for custom jerseys since it provides a much higher level of detail and vibrancy than other methods. There’s infinite possibilities for designing full sublimation custom team jerseys, so make sure your whole team agrees on the design. Once everyone agrees on a design, you can submit your team roster, ensuring that all player names are spelled correctly, and you’ll be able to wear your brand new custom jerseys typically within 4 weeks of approval!


  • Spot sublimation is when only certain parts of the jersey are printed - usually the chest and shoulders. This is a good option if you want to add a little bit of personalization to your team uniforms before creating full sublimation jerseys for the season. Teams that have used spot sublimation for previous jerseys love the quality of printing that sublimation ink provides, and often use these as first-round jerseys until all of their players decide on a finalized custom design for full sublimation.


  • Vinyl designs can be used in a pinch, or for a last minute team, as it’s quick and easy, providing you have the tools to do so. Although vinyl is not the best choice for long term usage, as it easily cracks and peels, it can be a great temporary fix while you consider which type of jerseys your team will wear for years to come. If you’re looking for basic vinyl printed jerseys for a weekend tournament, or as temporary team uniforms before ordering your full sublimation gear, we’d recommend you choose an experienced Vinyl designer.


10 Tips For Getting Your Custom Jersey Made EXACTLY the Way You Want It, full sublimation custom jerseys

The price of your jerseys will be dependent on a few factors - how many you need, what type of jersey it is, and what style of printing you choose. Keep in mind that often the quality and longevity of your custom jerseys is reflected in the price, and while full sublimation may cost more initially, it will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to replace your jerseys every season because of cracking and fading.


3. What are the benefits of sublimated jerseys?

Full Sublimation custom jerseys have a number of benefits and advantages over the other styles of custom jerseys mentioned above, including spot sublimation and vinyl.

With full sublimation printing, every inch of fabric on your clothing can be customized. This means that you have total creative freedom when it comes to designing your own unique jerseys. Since the design is actually dyed into the fabric, you don’t have to worry about it peeling like you would with vinyl. Colours remain vibrant and fade resistant for years of playing on the field, even in full sunshine!


How does full sublimation work?

  1. Your custom designs are created - you have full control over the creative process.

  2. Your designs are then printed on heat-transferrable paper.

  3. An industrial heat press is used to transfer your designs from the paper right to the fabric! So what you see is exactly what you get, no surprises.

  4. Once your design has been permanently transferred to the fabric, your custom printed jerseys are cut and sewn to your size and specifications.

  5. Everything is stitched up, and all of your jerseys are shipped to you within roughly 4 weeks.



4. What type of fabric is best?

The fabric of your jersey is just as important as the design and style. You want to make sure that you choose a fabric that is both comfortable and breathable. We offer two popular types of fabric, a lightweight premium sport material, as well as standard dry fit - both are 100% polyester and allow for full range of motion, with moisture-wicking properties that provide comfortable all day wear.

If you’re planning to create custom jackets, hoodies or other accessories for your team, you may want to expand your fabric options to find the best choice for each piece of gear. Water-resistant is our most popular fabric for sports jackets and coats, while Heavy Knit fabric is the default choice for custom sweaters and hoodies.


what type of fabric is best for custom jerseys and custom jackets?


How do I wash a custom jersey?

To ensure the longevity of your fully custom jersey or other apparel, make sure you take care of it. With sublimation printed designs, the colours will stay vivid and bright for as long as the fabric lasts. The best way to wash your custom jerseys are to turn them inside out, hang dry, and do not iron.



5. Reference sizes and measure yourself for the perfect fit

It’s always a good idea to measure yourself before ordering. Make sure to reference the different size charts available for each item you’re ordering, whether it’s a hoodie or a jersey.

We also offer kids, youth and adult sizes so that everyone can get their own custom jersey that fits perfectly.

If you need more information on sizings, or how to effectively pick the right size for you, check out our blog post “How To Use a Measurement Chart To Get Your EXACT Size When Ordering Custom Jerseys!”.


6. Guarantee quality by choosing a local North American manufacturer

Shopping with a local supplier based in North America is the best way to ensure that you get consistent updates on your order, with exceptional communication from professionals who have experience in the industry of custom clothing.

When you’re creating custom jerseys, you want them to turn out perfectly, and so do we.

Based in Hamilton, ON with a local supplier that manufactures out of Mississauga, we’re 100% Canadian made, and you can be proud wearing your custom TeamGear Canada jerseys knowing that they are of the highest quality.

One of the main benefits of buying North American made custom jerseys is that you don’t need to worry about having to buy 3 sizes too big. When you shop with a Canadian owned company that manufactures in Canada, your size fits true to you, unlike when you order overseas. When you buy a large, you expect a large fit - and we guarantee a comfortable and accurate fit each time.

Another great benefit of buying Canadian is the ability to create and design any product you like in a matter of days. If you don’t see something on our website, just ask - we are constantly adding new products and accessories to our clothing line, and can typically create any custom request in less than a week.

Got an idea for a great custom product you want to buy, but aren’t able to find it online? Look no further than TeamGear Canada for all of your custom full sublimation clothing and product needs.


7. Design Your Own Custom Jersey

If you’re not sure where to start when designing your custom jerseys, you can start by doing some research to find out what other teams in your sport, league or division are wearing, including the major leagues. This will give you some ideas and inspiration as a starting point for your custom designs.

Check with your coach or other players on your team to see if they have a specific jersey design in mind, or any logos they’d like on the jerseys. If they do, you can begin your custom jersey designs right away.

You’ll want to consider what other design elements or logos are the most important to you or your team, and be sure to add those to your custom jerseys. After all, as we’ve said above, full sublimation allows you full control over the designs.

By incorporating all of your logos, team colours, and design elements within your custom jerseys, we guarantee you’ll love your new gear.

design your own custom jersey


8. How to order custom jerseys

We offer No Minimum Order Quantity when ordering custom jerseys. Not only is this important if you want a single jersey for yourself, but also a huge factor for team jerseys. If you’re on a team that adds a new player every year, or has a rotating roster, you’re going to need to order 1-off jerseys occasionally. If you choose an overseas supplier, or a local business that buys overseas, you’re going to have to pay for the entire minimum order, which is often around 20-50 jerseys.

Reduce waste and save costs by choosing a local supplier like TeamGear Canada, and only pay for what you need - with the added bonus of cheaper local shipping fees!


9. Get the jersey you want

How do you make sure you get the perfect jersey? Well, it all starts with fully customizable options. The more you can customize, the more you’re guaranteed to have a stylish, comfortable jersey that fits you well and looks great when you’re playing.

Consider the style, length of the jersey, the neckline, and whether or not you’d like sleeves. Different sports require different jerseys, and some styles are more suitable than others. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the various custom jersey styles offered, and if you have any questions, just ask.


10. How to get started

Get started on your very own custom full sublimation jerseys as soon as today! It’s easier than ever, with our experienced and personal designers on your team, you’ll be able to create the design of your dreams.

Let us know what type of design you have in mind after reading this blog post, and submit your design form today to begin your custom jerseys.

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