How to Create A Vibrant Bowling Shirt in Canada

Creating a vibrant bowling shirt for your team that stands out at the alley is easier than you think at TeamGear Canada.

With just a bit of creativity, you can create a bowling shirt that looks fantastic AND boosts your team's morale.

At TeamGear, we specialize in bringing your bold ideas to life. Our design team is made up of experts who create custom designs to reflect your team's unique identity.

Have you got a brilliant idea for your bowling shirt? Kick off your design journey with our team here, and we'll craft a custom mockup just for you.

yellow custom bowling shirt design from TeamGear Canada


The Power of Colour in Bowling Shirt Design

Colour plays a pivotal role in custom bowling shirt design. Colours can influence the overall aesthetics of your shirt, and have an impact on both your team and your opponents.

Choosing the right colour combination can enhance team unity and convey your unique personality. Choosing a bold colour like red can even intimidate your competition before the first ball is rolled!

Not sure what colours to go with yet? Check out our blog on "Unifying Your Team With the Right Colours" for ideas!


The Psychology of Colours in Team Uniforms

The colours of your team's bowling shirts can significantly affect the team's dynamics and the perception of your opponents. Each colour carries its own set of emotions and messages.

For example, blue evokes a sense of calmness and reliability. Blue is an excellent choice for teams aiming to project confidence and trust.

quarter zip neck bowling shirt made in Canada with retro inspired designs

Green, representing growth and harmony, can create a more natural earth-toned team look. Green and yellow are also neutral colours that may be preferred by coed teams, or leagues with a large age range.


Looking to match your old team jersey colours? We can help you to Colour Match.


Picking Your Bowling Shirt Colour Palette

Choosing the right colour combo can really make your team’s bowling shirts pop. You’ve probably noticed how some colours just seem to stand out more, especially in the lively atmosphere of a bowling alley.

When it comes to making your bowling shirt pop, selecting the right colour combinations is key. Blue and green have proven to be popular choices, especially for teams looking for colours that are eye-catching and stand out at the alley.

Choose colours that look great under the alley lights and that everyone on your team approve of. Blue, green, and purple are all popular colour choices that the players in your bowling league may like.

Bowling Shirt in Canada made with blue design and pink stars for a coed friendly colour scheme


For a coed bowling team, you can even consider different colour schemes for males and females!


Choosing Stand-Out Colour Combinations

Colours like orange and yellow are bolder choices, ensuring you’ll really stand out. For bowling alleys with black lights, you can also include white accents or shapes on your jersey that will glow under the light!

disco inspired design on a bowling short sleeve shirt made in Canada

Brighter colours are an ideal choice for family teams or groups that frequent busy alleys and want to ensure every member is easily spotted. Plus, with TeamGear Canada's options for kids and youth jerseys, creating a matching set for the whole family is a breeze.


Ready to make your team the most vibrant on the lanes? Design your standout bowling shirt with TeamGear Canada here, and let's bring your vision to vivid life.

Choosing the right colour combo can really make your team’s bowling shirts pop. You’ve probably noticed how some colours just seem to stand out more, especially in the lively atmosphere of a bowling alley.

custom bowling shirt made in Canada with blue swirl design and bowling ball logo

We’ve seen lots of teams go for blues and greens, which look awesome, especially with our shiny Premium fabric that really catches the light. And if you’re aiming for visibility, orange is your go-to. It’s perfect for making sure everyone stays in sight, especially handy for those family bowling nights. Plus, we’ve got sizes for everyone, so you can kit out your whole team.

Thinking it’s time to step up your team’s look? Let’s get those custom bowling shirts rolling with TeamGear Canada here. Your dream shirt is just a design away.

Why Our Premium Fabric?

Now, let’s talk about what makes our Premium fabric the star of the bowling alley. This isn’t just any material; it’s got a shiny finish that really stands out when you’re taking over those lanes. It’s all about that sparkle and shine, making your team the main attraction. Besides looking great, it’s stretchy, lightweight, and feels super comfy.

Motiv branded purple bowling shirt made in Canada

No matter which fabric you prefer, you'll be comfortable all game with a TeamGear Canada jersey. That way you can focus on those strikes and spares without anything holding you back.



A vibrant bowling shirt isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling connected, confident, and ready to bowl strikes. With confidence on your side, you'll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way on the lanes.

At TeamGear Canada, designing a shirt that captures the essence of your team has never been easier. Start yours here!

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